Best 4000 Watt Generator

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It is an uphill task to select the best 4000-watt generator. So many generators are available in the market. If you analyze their features, you will find that these generators have different traits. Some offer low running time and some provide high. Their energy capacities are different.

Best 4000 Watt Generator

You need to choose a generator that satisfies your power requirements. We know that there are a lot of power shortages nowadays. You do not know when you will be deprived of power. Sometimes, power outages last more than 24 hours. It will be hard to sit comfortably without electricity.

You won’t be able to do your household and worksites work. Everything will be stopped.

To tackle this, it is a smart idea to get a portable 4000-watt generator. 4000 watts is enough to run most of your home electronic devices. You could easily run AC, refrigerators, tablets,  phones, and other such devices.

There is no need to sit in the darkness if you have got a powerful 4000-watt generator. We know it’s difficult to find, but we did it for you.

Top 6 Best 4000 Watt Generator Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

  1. Best 4000-Watt Generator for Home Use: WEN GN400i 4000-Watt
  2. Best 4000-Watt Cold Weather Generator: Champion 100302
  3. Best 4000-Watt Affordable Generator: Durostar DS4000S
  4. Best 4000 Watt Easy to Start Generator: All Power America APGG4000 watt
  5. Best 4000-Watt Manual Start Generator: A-IPower AP4000watt
  6. Best Price 4000-Watt Air Cooled Engine Generator: XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt


Best 4000-Watt Generators Top-Pick Table

WEN GN400i Inverter GeneratorQuite
Champion 100302 Portable GeneratorHybrid engine
Quick start
Durostar DS4000S Portable GeneratorAffordable
Baked-in Voltmeter
All Power America APGG4000 Portable GeneratorEasy to start
High performing
A-IPower AP4000 Manual Start GeneratorLightweight
Wheels included
XtremepowerUS 4000-WattTools Included

WEN GN400i – Best 4000-watt Inverter Generator

“Best 4000-Watt Generator for Home Use”

WEN GN400i – Best 4000-watt Inverter Generator

If you are looking for a user-friendly generator, WEN is a great choice. It is a highly skilled generator that is backed with 2 years of warranty. If you ever face any issues while operating the generator, contact the WEN support team. They will sort out your issues.

Moreover, WEN GN400i is a long-lasting generator. It saves your investment and provides value for your money.


Features & Specifications

WEN GN400i is an open-frame generator. The generator is perfect for RV as it is RV-ready.

This outstanding generator produces clean power with less THD. You do not have to worry about damage to your sensitive devices as it will never happen. WEN protects electronic appliances and keeps them away from any harm.

This generator provides 3500 rated watts and 4000 surge watts. Although 4000 wattage capacity is enough for home use, you can still improve the power if you want.

The parallel ready feature allows you to double the power. You can connect two WEN inverter generators to twice the power.

However, the parallel kit does not come with a generator. You’ll have to buy it separately.

This unit is CARB-compliant and can be operated in California as well.

The 221cc 4-stroke OHV engine gives you reliable power.

The model is extremely lightweight compared to the other 4000-watt generator.

This portable generator includes 120V NEMA 5-20R receptacles, two 5V USB ports, and one 120V RV-ready TT-30R receptacle.

The WEN is a fuel-efficient engine and the tank storage capacity is 1.8 gallons. It could run more than 7 hours at half load.

To maximize fuel, you can turn on the Eco mode and minimize your fuel consumption.

It has built-in overload protection to safeguard your devices. The generator also comes with a low oil shut-off option to protect your equipment.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fuel efficient.
  • Eco mode.
  • Long-running time.
  • Lightweight.

Flaw but not a deal breaker

  • Small fuel Tank.

Champion 100302 – 4000watt Portable Generator

“Best 4000-Watt Cold Weather Generator”

Champion 100302 – 4000watt Portable Generator

Champion is a brand that always provides quality products to customers. Their generators are trustworthy, reliable, and best for home backup. This portable generator has an elegant design and provides 120V. Champion 100302 has a black & yellow color generator that can meet your power desire.

Read the features of Champion and check why you should buy this remarkable generator.


Features & Specifications

Champion 4000 is designed to make it the best generator in this power range. The features are top-notch & quality is high.

The champion open-frame generator is lightweight compared to its previous model. It is 50% lighter than the previous champion model.

Champion is a calmly operational generator. It won’t produce heavy noise. Run it freely in a residential area. You won’t get complaints from your neighbors. Moreover,  it is designed to make the Champion 100302 20% quieter than the old 3500-watt Champion generator.

This advanced technology generator can produce 4000 starting and 3500 running watts.

It supports gasoline fuel type and has 17 hours plus running time.

Like other champion models, this unit also produces clean electricity with less than 3% THD.

If you love to live in an RV and want a generator to tackle power issues when you are outside, choose this Best RV RV-ready generator and start living peacefully.

No matter where you are, you can still enjoy your journey if you have a champion. Take the power where you go.

If you think 4000 is not enough to meet your power desires, the parallel ready feature enables you to extend the power of champions.

It is an inverter generator that has a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household outlets to power your home appliances.

Get three years of warranty and lifetime technical support when you buy the Champion.

Reasons to Buy

  • User friendly.
  • Easy to start.
  • Parallel ready.
  • RV ready.
  • Cold start feature.
  • 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

Flaw but not a deal breaker

  • Bulky generator.

Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

“Best 4000-Watt Affordable Generator”

Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

We have DuroStar in our list which is one the best 4000-watt generators. The weight of DuroStar is 94 pounds and the voltage is 120. It is a gasoline-powered generator with ample features. Let’s check the specifications of the DuroStar Ds4000S.


Features & Specifications

DuroStar produces 4000 peak watts and 3300 running watts. The power is sufficient to deal with heavy devices too.

The DuroStar has a 208cc OHV engine.  The powerful OHV engine can handle multiple jobs at a time.

The generator does what it is supposed to do. Low Oil shut off is an amazing feature to help you turn off the generator automatically when oil reaches low.

The DuroStar powerful panel has a wide range of outlets. You can easily power your multiple devices at a time. It has 2 120V household outlets and 1 120V 30A twist lock outlet.

You can measure power voltage through the voltmeter. The fuel tank storage is 4 gallons. The generator is made of metal and has all copper winding.

The generator can be used for home power, campingRV,  DIY projects, and job sites.

This portable generator can be transferred anywhere.

DuroStar makes environmentally friendly generators. All of their generators are EPA-compliant and CARB-approved.

Reasons To Buy

  • EPA and CARB compliant.
  • Baked in Voltmeter.
  • Comes with tools.
  • Portable.

Flaw but not a deal breaker

  • Not very fuel efficient.

All Power America APGG4000

“Best 4000 Watt Easy to Start Generator”

All Power America APGG4000

All Power America is one of the best generators that provide value for your money. It keeps you powered for a long time. This model is simple to operate and provides maximum functionality. The price of All Power America is also very reasonable. you may check more American generators.


Features & Specifications

All Power is a red and black contrast elegant design generator. The generator is highly recommended to use during hurricanes. Get the maximum power when you need it.

All power provides 4000 peak watts and 3300 running watts. It has a 7 hp 208 cc OHV engine with an air-cooled feature.

4-gallon fuel storage gives 8 hours of running time. Perfect for rainy and cold weather.

The noise level is 72dBa which is good for a 4000-watt generator.

Protect your generator through the auto shut-off option. You do not have to check the oil level repeatedly. Leave this task on All power and relax.

Outlets are very crucial in a generator. Without this, you won’t be able to connect your equipment. Always make sure a generator has a wide range of outlets. The All power provides 1x AC Duplex 120V Outlet, 1x 120V/240V Twist-Lock Outlet, and 1x 12V DC outlet.

If you are an environmentally conscious person and always prefer an EPA-compliant generator, All power is a great choice for you.

The product weight is ‎134.7 pounds and the dimensions are ‎28″L x 19″W x 23″H.

Reasons To Buy

  • Quick start.
  • Long-running time.
  • Quick start.
  • Portable.

Flaw but not a deal breaker

  • The generator is not CARB-compliant.

A-IPower AP4000 Generator

“Best 4000-Watt Manual Start Generator”

A-IPower AP4000 Generator

Are you looking for a generator for construction sites and RVs?  Yes?  Consider A-i power AP 4000. still, confused, why should you go with an A-I power generator?  Read the features and specifications to have a better understanding of this generator.


Features & Specifications

A-i power produces 4000 starting watts and 3000 running watts. It has a TT-30R RV outlet. It will help you to easily access the control panel.

The power tool is efficient to run the Air conditioner,  lights,  pump, refrigerator, and fan. Except for these appliances, you can run 1-2 more pieces of equipment as well. It provides a good power capacity. Suitable for home and work!

The tank is steel construction with built-in gauge technology. The tank size is 4.0 gallons.

Keep it running for 12 hours at 50% load. It has a 223cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeves. All these features make the engine long-lasting.

The low oil shut-off feature protects the unit and a digital hour meter enables you to check the running hours.

Get these AC outlets with this generator: 20A – 120V household (5-20R), 30A – 120V Twist lock (L5-30R), and 30A – 120V RV Outlet (TT-30R).

The unit comes with wheels and handles.  It is easy to move the generator around and the weight is only 95Ibs.

Note: This reliable generator definitely deserves a try.

Reasons To buy

  • High performing.
  • Open frame generator.
  • Intuitive control panel.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • Portable.

Flaw but not a deal breaker

  • Not CARB Compliant.

XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt

“Best Price 4000-Watt Air Cooled Engine Generator”

XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt

Searching for an emergency generator? Or are you planning to go camping?  The Xtremepower can make your adventure more interesting. Forget about the power issues and enjoy your journey. Stay powered from day to night!


Features & Specifications

The generator is an excellent choice for camping, backyard, construction sites, tailgates, and outages.

The generator is easy to start. No need to read the manual,  a layman can also operate it. The recoil start option makes it easy to start the generator.

As usual, a low oil shut-off feature is included. The engine has air-cooled features.

The 4-gallon fuel tank provides up to 10 hours of running time at 50% load.

The fully loaded power has a voltmeter and circuit breaker as well.

Generators help you power various devices. It has (1) 120V AC Twist-Lock Receptacles and (2) 120V 20 amp AC Receptacles.

When you buy the generator, you’ll get a gasoline generator,  a spark plug wrench, Hardware, and a user manual.

Reasons To Buy

  • Low oil shut-off feature.
  • Recoil start option.
  • 10 hours running time.
  • Wide range of outlet.

Flaw but not a deal breaker

  • Loud.


Buying Guide of 4000 Watt Generator

You might have made up your mind to invest in the best 4000-watt generator.

Prices, features,  running time, and power capacity are some important factors to consider. Check our buying guide to understand your power needs.


Fuel Type

A maximum of the generators support gasoline fuel type. Most of the generators come with gasoline fuel-type features. There are many reasons for the popularity of this fuel type. First, it provides good wattage and is cheap to buy compared to the other fuel type.

But gasoline has its disadvantages too. Sometimes, it becomes hard to find this fuel type.

Some generators have dual fuel features.  It means you can either run the generator on propane or gasoline. The dual fuel option saves in time of emergency when you run out of gasoline. That’s why we suggest you prefer a dual-fuel generator.


Fuel Capacity

For better fuel capacity, you need to balance your fuel capacity with the generated load. So, run a generator on 50% or 25% load to get maximum running time. But as you know sometimes power cuts stay longer than 12 hours, and a few generators provide 12 hours of running time, so it is advised to choose a long-running time generator. If a generator is fuel efficient,  it is an extra plus point.


Size and weight

Determine the perfect size of a generator for your needs. Size depends on your power requirements. If you want a heavy-wattage generator, it would be bulky. Like most of the 12000-watt generators, they are heavy and bulky.

If you need a generator for outside purposes,  choose a 1000-watt to 1500-watt generator.  it will be lightweight and perfect for adventure needs.

We suggest you get a wheel kit and handles if you choose a heavy generator. This wheel kit helps you transport the generator easily.

Weight should range from 60 to 100 pounds. You can exceed the weight if you think you can manage a heavy generator.



Different outlets are required to power multiple appliances. But we think these outlets are necessary for every generator.

One 30 amp for the power fridge. USB port to charge the phone and other devices.

A 12-Volt Dc port and a suitable RV port.

An Rv port is necessary if you live in an RV. Go more off the grid and make life more adventurous.


Noise level

the noise level of a generator is another important step. Anything between 60dba to 70dba is a desirable noise level. Some high-wattage generator makes a lot of noise. We suggest you go with inverter technology because such generators are quieter than the traditional model.


Other Important features

We are going to mention a few of the important features. Try to get a generator with the following features.

  • Low oil shut – protects generator.
  • Automatic voltage regulator – saves equipment and devices from damage.
  • EPA and CARB are compliant – Environment friendly.
  • LED display – for monitoring running time
  • Cold start technology – helps to start the generator in cold weather.
  • Electric start feature: enables you to quickly start the generator.



You want a generator that will run smoothly for a long time.  Right? But sometimes,  it is hard to keep them running unless you get a maintenance service for your generating. A long warranty period can help in this case. If a generator has a warranty period,  you do not have to pay extra expenses as this will be covered through brand support.



Ready to stop the power issues? Get the best 4000-watt generator and make your life easy and comfortable.

Keep your house and other heavy-duty appliances powered for a long time. Whether you want a generator for work,  home,  campsites, DIY projects, or another purpose, the best 4000-watt generator can do the job.

We understood your needs and made a list of the top-rated 6 best 4000-watt generators. We picked these 6 generators after conducting extensive research. Now, we’re sure that these would work fine and meet your power criteria.

You do not need to go anywhere as features, specifications, and pros and cons of each product are mentioned. Read those features carefully and pick the one generator that will help you sort out power crises.

Time to say farewell to the blackouts and bring a 4000-watt generator into your life. Stay connected with us for more information regarding the best generators. We aim to help people get the best generator.

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