Best Champion Generators

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Do you need a generator that works like a lifesaver when you are out of electricity? Or are you planning to go outside for camping and other activities? Take the best champion generators with you to sort out power issues.


If you are stuck somewhere or want to heat the food, the best portable champion generator can do the job.


The champion has been in the field for a quite long time now. Champion provides a wide range of generators with different power capacities. So, you have a large list of champion generators to choose from.


Champion has the smallest wattage generator to high-wattage generators that can even power your whole house.


We have tested various champion generators and we conclude that champion generators are incredibly best and suitable for any power needs.


If you still can’t figure out what generator you should pick, keep reading. In this article,  we are going to explain the top-rated 8 Champion generators for home backup and other purposes.


Let’s have a look at the best portable champion generator list.


Top Rated 8 Best Champion Generators Table

Product Running Wattage Type Weight
Champion 75531i 3100 Watt Inverter 3100 Inverter 96.6
Champion 4000 Generator with Remote Start 3500 Portable 99.2
Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 3400 Dual Fuel Inverter 95.7
Champion 3800 Dual Fuel 3800 Portable Dual Fuel 122
Champion 100110 9200 watt generator 9200 Portable 270
Champion 7500-watt dual fuel generator 7500 Portable Dual Fuel 202
Champion 1500 Watt Generator 1500 Portable 61.7
Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Inverter Generator 2000 Inverter 48.1


8 Best Champion Generators – Features & Reviews

Champion generators are the best power equipment which is known for their reliability and durability.  Champion provides affordable power units with long warranty periods. They are fuel efficient and made with the latest technology.


Are you in a hurry?  Wait – we are starting the list of our best champion generators.


Champion 75531i 3100 Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 75531i is the generator we love the most. The remarkable features of the champion and its portability made it one of the best choices. This quick-start unit is super convenient to use and perfect for RV and home backup. It provides good wattage to tackle outages.


Features & Specifications

If you are a big fan of quiet and calmly operating generators, the Champion generator can be your first choice.


As it is an inverter model generator, it is far better than conventional generators.


Champion generate has a 171cc champion engine that produces 3100 starting and 2800 running watts.


This ultra-quiet mode is capable of giving long power. You can run it for more than 8 hours. Suitable for long power shortage days. Especially during winter, you can’t predict when you will get the power.


In such a terrible situation, it is a wise decision to have a champion.  You never know when you need it.


Traditional generators do not produce clean power. Such power could damage your sensitive devices. Luckily, champion offers a clean power supply and protects your devices. Champion produces safe power with less than 3% THD.


You can connect various devices to the generator as multiple outlets are available. This is an RV-ready generator.


Champion’s powerful portable equipment has 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household outlets.


Through the quick control panel, you can access all features.


The oil sensor gives you maximum relief.  Don’t worry about the oil level, the champion generator will be shut off automatically.


The noise level of this mini portable generator is just 58 dBa. Get the power without any noise issues.


Three years of warranty and lifetime technical support urge us to say it is the super best generator. We can’t recommend the Champion 75531i enough.


Reasons to buy:

  • 4 stroke engine
  • Air-cooled
  • Recoil start
  • Low oil shut off
  • Cast iron sleeve for durability
  • 58 dBa noise level
  • Built-in carrying handles
  • Economy Mode



  • Wheels are not good for unstable surfaces


Champion 4000Watt Generator

The champion 4000 Generator is ideal for RV as it is an RV-ready open-frame generator. This ultra-model advanced technology generator is lighter and quieter than its competitors. This innovative design generator has a variety of uses such as use for RV, huntingtailgating,  DIY projects, and power outages. Champion 4000 provides reliable power.


Features & Specifications

Firstly, let’s talk about its wattage capacity. Champion provides 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts.


4000 watts is adequate for powering many high-wattage appliances. It is eligible to run the house. It could be a nice choice for a home. Moreover, as it comes with a wheel kit and built-in handles,  you can move the generator easily. It can fulfill outdoor power needs too.


Champion has a 4-stroke 224cc OHV engine. This portable generator consumes less fuel due to its economy mode.


Quiet technology and extended run time are the best characteristics of a champion. 64 dBa is a good noise level so far. Running time is 17 hours on gasoline.


This RV-ready generator has 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household outlets and a 12V DC outlet for a USB adapter.


Champion supplies clean power with less than 3% THD.


It is a 2800-watt generator. But do not worry if you need extra power. Parallel-ready capacity can help you to do so.


You can connect two 2800-watt generators to twice the power.


When you buy the Champion, you will get an oil funnel, battery charging cables, a USB adapter, and of course 3 years of warranty.


The fuel tank is 2.9 gallons and the dimensions are 20.5″ x 17.9″ x 17.7“.


It’s hard to start the generator in cold and harsh weather, but the champion understands this difficulty and comes with a cold start technology feature. Now, there is no difficulty to run the generator in a chilly environment.


The champion lightweight generator delivers power anywhere.


Reasons to Buy:

  • Cold start technology
  • CARB compliant
  • Low oil shut-off feature
  • Economy mode
  • 3-year warranty
  • Remote start



  • It is a little louder at a heavy load


Champion 3400-Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 3400-watt generator is an inverter generator and offers the best features. We have been trying generators for many years. Now, we know which generator is suitable and best for the current environment. As per our experience, we always suggest going with an inverter generator rather than a conventional one. The Inverter generator operates calmly and produces clean power. Above all, they are long-lasting. Let’s go through the specifications of the Champion 3400.


Features & Specifications

Champion 3400-watt is a dual-fuel generator that you can run on either propane or gasoline. No need not to be bothered if a specific fuel is not available in the time of trouble. You could switch the fuel quickly.


This champion model is perfect for emergencies as you can operate the generator instantly. The unit holds 0.6 quarts of oil.


Modern problems require modern solutions. There is no logic to spend time starting the generators by pulling a rope. The modern solution is to get a push-button start generator to make the process hassle-free. Fortunately, the champion has this quality too.


Are you exhausted from a heavy noise generator? Replace your old generator with the champion 3400 watts as its operating noise is 59 dBa from 23 feet.


3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts are satisfactory for most of the projects.


Get a clean power supply with champion 3400 and keep your devices away from any damage.


This RV-ready unit provides 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household outlets.


The power of the generator can be increased through a parallel kit.


The 1.6-gallon fuel tank provides 7.5 hours of running time on gasoline and 14.5 hours on propane.


A propane hose,  USB adapter,  battery,  and an oil funnel will be provided with this unit along with 3 years of warranty.


Reasons to Buy:

  • Dual fuel
  • Fuel efficient
  • Cold start technology
  • Push button start feature
  • RV ready
  • Portable



  • The wheels could have been better


Champion 3800 Portable Generator

Dual-fuel generators are quite popular nowadays. People try to get such generators because they never know when they run out of a specific fuel type. In such circumstances, dual-fuel generators work like a lifesaver. This generator gives you the option to choose between the fuel type. Propane is the second fuel type in most dual-fuel generators. When we compare propane with gasoline, we’ll find that propane is cheaper and environmentally friendly.


Champion 3800 is a dual-fuel generator. Let’s discuss its features.


Features & Specifications

Champion 3800 is a quick-to-start power tool. The electric start feature helps you start the generator smoothly.


The generator gives maximum power outlets. It comes with One 120V 30A RV outlet (TT-30R), one 120V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R), and two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R).


Overloads can be harmful to your equipment. Champion trust guard built-in surge protector prevents overloads.


Three years of warranty and lifetime technical support assist you to tackle the faults.


This unit can be operated right after opening the box; it has 0.6 quarts.


A Low oil shut-off feature extends the life of your generator.


Track voltage, hertz, running time, and maintenance intervals. Smoothly start the generator in winter with the cold start technology feature.


4- stroke 224 cc OHV engine provides 14 hours of running time on gasoline and 10.5 on propane.


Reasons to Buy:

  • Cold start technology
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Prevents overload
  • RV ready generator
  • Enough to power heavy-duty machines



  • A bit noisy


Champion 7500-watt Generator

Looking for a dual-fuel high-wattage generator? Look no further! We have a champion 7500-watt generator that can power your home,  does the job on work,  and is perfect for Rv. Are you excited to see its specifications? Let’s get started.


Features & Specifications

This champion powerful equipment supports Gasoline fuel type. Champion provides 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts. This generator is adequate if you want to be powered for a long time and need constant power.


Power your AC,  Refrigerator, and other heavy-watt machinery freely.


The generator has a 74 dBa noise level from 23 feet. It is a satisfactory noise level.


The reliable 420 cc engine is powered in this unit. Champion has an electric start feature and built-in cold technology to turn on the generator during the winter season.


Champion volt guard built-in surge protector prevents overload. It keeps your device and unit safe.


Champion has Four 120V 20A GFCI outlets, a120/240V 30A locking outlet, and a 120/240V 50A outlet (14-50R),


All outlets are covered. Champion has an efficient control panel. Through the Intelli gauge, you can check the running time,  volts, and frequency.


The fuel tank size is 5.7 gallons and the running time is up to 8 hours.


Get engine oil, oil funnel, wheel kit, and battery with this unit.


Reasons to Buy:

  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Three years of warranty
  • Ultra-powerful unit
  • Volt Guard
  • Cold start technology
  • Effective Control panel



  • Loud


Champion 100110 9200 Generator

Champion 9200 is another powerful yet portable generator. It provides a large power capacity. Champion 9200 is portable and comes with a wheel kit with strong handles. Take the generator where you need power. Trust in the champion and get a reliable power supply.


Features & Specifications

Champion 9200 is an advanced technology generator that provides an electric start feature. This feature enables you to get power with a single click. It saves you from the hassle and starts the generator promptly.


Champion is a gasoline-powered generator that offers 11500 starting watts and 9200 running watts.


On a full tank of gasoline, the champion can be your long-term partner. It will supply power for more than 10 hours.


The 459 cc engine is reliable and effective. Champion provides a wide range of outlets to power multiple pieces of equipment.


It has One 120/240V 30A locking outlet, a 120/240V 50A outlet (14-50R), and four 120V 20A GFCI outlets.


You can easily monitor power output, frequency,  hertz,  and run time.


Battery,  wheel kit, oil funnel,  and engine oil will be included in the box. Champion provides next-level support and a 3-year product warranty. If you ever encounter technical issues,  you can consult champion support.


Reasons to Buy:

  • Cold start technology
  • Quick start feature
  • Volt Guard
  • Effective control panel
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • 10-hour running time



  • Heavyweight generator


Champion 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 2000-watt inverter generator is a lightweight and handy generator. It is specially designed for camping, boatingtailgating, and other outdoor power needs.


But it does not mean you can’t use the small generator for home needs. 2000 watts is still enough for emergencies and uncertain power shortage problems. You can keep the portable champion 2000-watt generator for home backup too.


Want to know why you should invest in a 2000-watt champion generator? Check out the specifications, you’ll get the answer.


Features & Specifications

Champion’s powerful equipment 2000w is a stackable inverter generator. This space-saving generator provides 2000 starting watts and 1700 running watts.


If you are an adventurous person and often go outside,  this small and compact design generator is perfect for you.


Champion 2000 w has an ultra-quiet model. The noise level is just 58 dBa. It won’t bother you while operating. Enjoy a smooth power supply without any terrible noise.


Although Champion is a small-wattage generator, it offers a long running time. If we compare this model to other 2000 w generators, we find it far better. 9.5 hour running time is more than good.


Champion 2000-wattage generator produces clean power with less than 3% THD.


We love the economy mode that puts less burden on your pocket and reduces the electric load. It lengthens engine life and provides quiet operation.


Champion is powered by a 4-stroke engine and supports gasoline fuel type.


The smart unit has a built-in carry handle to carry the generator. The weight of the generator is 48.5 lbs. You can imagine how portable it is.


Reasons To Buy:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Quiet



  • Sometimes, you may face gas leakage


Champion 1500 Watt Generator

The Champion 1500-watt generator is the last in our list of best Champion generators. This yellow and black contrast generator is quite portable and has just 52.9 pounds weight. This gasoline-supported unit can make your life easy and save you from the absence of power.


Features & Specifications

This multi-purpose generator gives you safety and peace of mind.  Champion produces 1500 starting watts and 1200 running watts.


Champion’s durable frame is easy to transport. It delivers power where you need it.


The portable generator has a low oil shut-off for extra protection. Long-running capacity can give you ease when you suffer from an outage.


This small 1500-watt generator can easily run for more than 10 hours on a full tank of gasoline. The fuel capacity of this exceptional unit is 1.2 gal.


65 dBA from 23 feet is a good noise level so far.


Champion has a voltmeter to monitor power output. The unit has a 120V 20A household outlet.


Champion has a cast iron sleeve for durability. 4- stroke engine and air-cooled features expand the life of the unit.


Volt Guard safeguards your appliances from a power surge.


Cold start technology helps you effortlessly start the generator in winter.


Use the Champion carefully as it provides 3 years of warranty and lifetime support.


Reasons to Buy:

  • Volt Guard
  • Cold start technology
  • Portable
  • Durable steel frame
  • Affordable



  • Can’t run heavy-duty machines



Champion is a leader in the generator-making industry. It has been in the field for years. Years of experience enable the champion to make quality high performing generators.

Most of the champion generators are fuel efficient. It means they consume less fuel while operating. Champion power equipment is reliable and trustworthy. During the lengthy blackout, it won’t freeze you, especially in chilly weather.

If you live in California where record numbers of blackouts are happening, you should invest in a durable generator. We can’t recommend champions enough. They are convenient to start and provide a long warranty period. Their affordability and good power capacity make it a reasonable choice.

Pick a champion generator from the above-mentioned list of the 8 best champion generators and enjoy the winter season without worrying about power crises.

Do not forget to read the features and specifications along with reviews of the 8 best champion generators to make a better decision.

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