Best Generator For Emergency Preparedness

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Need the best generator for emergency preparedness? Yes?  You have come to the right place. We know how hard it could be to tackle an emergency crisis.


Sometimes, all of your work will be disturbed.  Extreme weather makes the condition even worse. Power outages are very frequent during cold weather.


Storms can cause power shortage issues if you live in a suburban area. Without electricity, the security system, household work, and business would be affected.


In this current era, we rely much on electricity. But electricity can be gone anytime and will leave you bewildered.


So, having a generator for emergency preparedness will save you from blackouts problems. Investing in a good generator is a smart decision and will give you peace of mind.


We are aware of the problem of selecting a generator when you have multiple options. That’s why we are writing this guide to help you make a sensible decision.


Ready to pick the best generator for emergency preparedness? Stay with us, the guide will break it down for you.


Table Of Top Rated 6 Best Generators For Emergency Preparedness

Product Wattage Voltage

5700 running

BRIGGS & STRATTON 30708 5750W GENERATOR 5750 120/240

Top 6 Best Generators For Emergency Preparedness + Buying Tips & FAQs



The Jackery 240 unit is specially designed to deal with emergencies. Jackery 240 provides you with sufficient power when you are hit by a power outage. This portable unit has a good rating and most Jackery customers are satisfied with the product. So, you can buy the Jackery confidently.  Go through the features of Jackery to have a better understanding of this generator.


Features & Specifications

Jackery power station is a 200-watt generator that is best for outdoor needs and home backup.


Do you like a generator that is easy to carry and lightweight? No need to have a bulky generator when a small unit can do the job.


Jackery weighs just 3.1 kilograms. No doubt, you can make it your travel partner.


Jackery is equipped with a 240 Wh lithium battery. This black and red contrast generator has a sturdy handle on the top which makes carrying the generator so convenient.


Jackery provides constant power and is capable of changing your multiple devices at a time. You can power laptops, smartphones, cameras,  fans, lights, and other such devices.


Various outlets enable you to power your devices conveniently. You will get 1* Pure Sine Wave AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak), 2* USB-A ports (5V, 2.4A), and 1* 12V DC car port.


There are three ways to charge this versatile generator. You can charge through Jackery solar panels. Besides this, get it charged through a wall outlet and car outlet.


If you charge the generator through the solar saga,  it will take 5.5 hours to charge the generator from 0℅ to 80%. Through the wall outlet,  you can get it charged 80% in just 3 hours.


Jackery provides a green power supply and can charge your phone 24X,  Tablet 5X, and laptop 2X.


But Jackery can’t support heavy-wattage devices like blenders, refrigerators, and microwaves.


For Jackery,  security comes first. It gives protection from overcurrent, over-discharge, overcharges, overvoltage, and thermal protection.


Reasons To Buy:

  • The 67000 mAh Lithium-ion battery is best for emergencies
  • Reliable for work, home, and outdoor power needs
  • Provides efficient charging
  • Convenient to charge the device
  • Compact and handy
  • Provides clean and safe power


Flaws but not the deal breaker:

  • Can’t power heavy devices
  • Charging time is slow through solar panels


DUROSTAR DS4850EH DUAL FUEL 4850 WATT – Electric Start Generator For Emergency Preparedness

Dual-fuel generators are pretty much popular nowadays. They give you the option to choose the fuel type. You could choose either propane or gasoline. Select the fuel type which is easily available, cheap, and environmentally friendly. Propane has all these qualities and luckily, Duro star has a dual fuel feature. This incredible generator is perfect to sort out power issues.


Let’s discuss its features and check why you should get DuroStar.


Features & Specifications

If you need one generator with plenty of awesome traits, you should consider DuroStar. It’s a tested and reliable brand.


We can’t doubt the DuroStar DS4850EH generator as we personally used it and found it top-notch.


DuroStar offers sufficient power. You can power heavy-duties appliances too. This model is suitable for the whole house and as a power backup.


The durable DuroStar provides 4850 starting power and 3850 running watts.


Dual fuel features make life easy and give flexibility. The generator is powered by an efficient DuroStar 210cc OHV which is designed to handle heavy loads. This generator is capable of doing multiple tasks at a time.


It has MX2 technology that gives you maximum power out of each receptacle. You can choose to operate the generator at 120V and 240V.


Get your devices charged through a wide selection of outlets. You will get 2 120V household GFCI outlets and 1 120/240V 30A twist lock outlet.


This unique design generator is made with metal and has all copper winding. 4 gallons of the fuel tank is enough and you do not have to refill the tank more often.


A Voltmeter is included in this unit along with a low oil sensor.


This unit has tires and a handle to move the generator. DuroStar is the best generator for emergency preparedness.


Reasons To Buy:

  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Dual fuel feature
  • Good power capacity
  • Powerful 210 cc engine


Flaw but not the deal breaker:

  • Heavyweight generator and can’t be run on a battery


HONDA EU2200I Generator – Quiet Generator For Emergency Preparedness

Honda EU2200I is a new model generator and provides additional features. This trustworthy brand makes overall high-performing power units with maximum durability. Honda generators are less noisy and perfect for emergencies.


Features & Specifications

Honda EU2200i is a 2200-watt generator with ultra-portable features. It is a quite handy generator that is easy to carry. Weight is just 46.5.


Honda gives 10% more power than the traditional model. Power more devices and get rid of power scarcity problems.


2200 watts is enough to charge multiple devices. You could charge your phone, tablets,  cameras,  fan,  lights, and other such devices.


Honda has a carbon monoxide feature to prevent any harm. Your generator will be shut off automatically if co-levels increase.


Honda has a GXR120 commercial engine.


Most amazingly, Honda has Bluetooth and my generator app. You could turn on your generator remotely. Honda also supports wireless stop-and-operate features.


Honda makes the latest technology generator for adding comfort to their customers’ lives.


This legendary generator gives much to its users. The operating noise level is so low that you could barely hear the sound of a generator.  48 to 57 dBa is no doubt very low.


The generator is fuel efficient. It consumes less fuel and gives more power. Don’t you love it?


It could run up to 8 hours at 0.95 gallons.


It’s an advanced technology that provides you with a reliable power supply.


Honda is a brand that you can trust. After analyzing its features and using the generator we hope it won’t disappoint you.


Honda deserves a try!


Reasons To Buy:

  • Best for emergencies
  • Quiet operational generator
  • Fuel efficient
  • Provides reliable power
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Budget-friendly power generator


Flaw but not the deal breaker:

  • Not suitable for the whole house


WEN 56200I 2000-WATT – Inverter Generator For Emergency Preparedness

WEN is a notable brand that has been making generators since 1951. Having that much expertise enables WEN to make quality generators. Their generators are best to power electronic devices; you can blindly trust WEN to fulfill your power desires. Let’s check out the specifications and features of WEN.


Features & Specifications

WEN is a black & orange color portable generator. The generator weighs only 48 pounds.


WEN is a Gasoline-powered generator that gives you 1600 watts. This well-performing inverter unit has a 79.7 cc 4-stroke engine.


Generally, traditional generators don’t produce clean electricity. Such power can damage your sensitive devices. But this is not so with the inverter generator.


The WEN inverter offers clean power which is safe for sensitive devices. Freely charge your electronic devices.


Want a generator that won’t disturb you and the people around you? The WEN can operate calmly with just a 53 dB noise level.


Charge your tablets,  laptops, and smartphones with different outlets available in the generator. The WEN comes with two three-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle, and one 5V USB port.


This generator is EPA and CARB-compliant. It means you can get the generator in all 50 States of America.


Want to save money? If yes, get this fuel-saving generator. It automatically adjusts fuel consumption and reduces your cost of fuel.


The tank size is 1 gallon, and you could operate it for more than 9 hours at a Quarter load.


Reasons To Buy:

  • 53 dBa noise level
  • Safe for sensitive devices as THD is less than 1.2%
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • ECO Mode
  • 2 years of warranty


Flaw but not the deal breaker:

  • It doesn’t support batteries. You can only run it on fuel


FIRMAN P05702: Portable Generator For Emergency Preparedness

If you need a high-wattage generator that could power all of your home appliances including heavy-duty machines, we recommend you go with FIRMAN. It will support you to encounter any emergencies and glow your whole house.


Features & Specifications

Firman is a heavy power generator that provides 7125 starting watts and 5700 running watts.


It delivers 120/240 volts. The generator is best for tackling emergencies. No matter whether you are hit by storms, hurricanes, or other uncertain circumstances, FIRMAN will be your power partner and keep you powered for much longer.


Especially, during winter seasons when power cuts are more frequent. You can’t do anything except have a generator.


The Control panel has multiple features and all outlets are covered.  The additional layer of protection on outlets keeps them safe from dirt and moisture.


Are you exhausted by starting the generator manually? You should try FIRMAN then. It has a remote start feature to quickly turn on the generator.


Now, you do not have to wait to start the generator when you badly need power. Push the button and start getting power.


Built-in gauge characteristics give you extra running time. However,  the normal running time is up to 12 hours. We think it’s a good running time so far.


Although it is a heavy-weight generator,  it comes with a wheel kit. The never-flat wheels and handles make it super convenient to transport the generator.


The fuel tank size is 8 gallons and the generator works best for homes, worksites, and job sites.


Reasons To Buy:

  • The wheel kit is included
  • Long-running time
  • 8 gallons fuel tank
  • Remote start feature
  • Multi-featured control panel


Flaw but not the deal breaker:

  • Heavyweight generator



Briggs & Stratton generator is the last in our list of the 6 best generators for emergency preparedness. It’s one of the best generators with a powerful 389 cc OHV engine. Let’s see the technical features of Briggs & Stratton.


Features & Specifications

Briggs & Stratton gives multi features panels with circuit breaker protection.


This effective unit has four GFCI 120V household outlets and one 120/240V, 30A.


All outlets are covered with rubber to protect them. It’s a 5750-wattage generator.  So, you could easily run high-amperage equipment too.


Running time is also good. It can keep on going for up to 11.5 hours at 50% load.


The power surge alteration produces a short surge of power to start motor-driven appliances.


The weight of this power equipment is 200 pounds. Which is a bit heavy. But tires and handles will support you to move the generator easily.


It supports a 4-stroke engine which is long-lasting. The frequency is 50 Hz.


This equipment is gas-powered with 8 gallons of fuel capacity. A large fuel tank will save you from refilling the tank frequently.


Reasons to Buy:

  • Rubber covered outlets
  • Long-running time
  • High fuel capacity
  • High wattage generator
  • Good-performing and highly efficient generator
  • 4-stroke engine


Flaw but not the deal breaker:

  • Heavyweight


Best Generator For Emergency Preparedness Buying Guide 2023

You never know when you will be hit by an emergency. Emergencies are unexpected. Sometimes,  these uncertain circumstances might make you a little bit worried. It is a reasonable suggestion to prepare yourself for such crises. One such crisis is a power outage. It could make you bewildered and your whole will get plunged into darkness. But don’t worry – a good generator for emergency preparedness will help to tackle this issue. We mentioned the top rated 6 best generators to meet emergencies. Now,  we are going to disclose some pro tips to choose the best-performing generator. Stay tuned.


Fuel Type

The first thing that you must check before buying a generator is the fuel type. Dual-fuel and even tri-fuel generators are available. Make sure that you have the desired fuel type generator. Gasoline and propane are the two most common fuel types. But we suggest you go with a dual-fuel generator or a tri-fuel generator. Although they are expensive, they give you fuel choices in case you face any emergency.



There are some high-wattage generators and some low-wattage generators. Low-wattage generators can’t run high-power devices or the whole house. So, check the power capacity of a generator and make sure it can fulfill your needs. you may check 5000watt, 7000watt, 7500watt,8000-8500watt, 9000watt generators.


Noise level

You do not want to be irritated nor want your neighbors to get bothered by the noise of a generator. Noise level is another crucial thing. You should not miss checking the dba of a generator. A generator having below 58 dba is a good noise level.



Firstly, you should decide whether you want a generator for home needs or outside activities. If you want a home backup generator, any heavy generator could work. But for outside activities, make sure you have got a handy and portable generator. A heavy generator would be hard to carry.  So, always go with a portable one.


Running Hours

Power cuts are common in chilly weather. Sometimes, you’ll have a lengthy power outage. Make sure you are prepared for such circumstances. Different generators have different running times. Basically,  running time depends on loads of a generator. But try to get a long-running time generator so that it can keep you powered for a long time.


FAQs about Best Generator For Emergency Preparedness


What should be the power capacity of a generator for emergencies?

A 2000 to 7000-wattage generator can do the job.


What generator can be the best for home needs?

A 2000 to 5000 watts generator can run most of the home appliances during an emergency.


How can we stay safe if we face a power outage?

It is better to prepare yourself for unexpected situations. So, buying a generator can keep you safe during a power outage.


How can we connect a generator to the house?

A generator could be connected to the house by attaching the generator to a transfer switch.  That’s how you can power your whole house.


What are the charges for installing a generator in a house?

It will cost you $200 to $600.



It is hard to choose a generator for emergency preparedness. You need to spend a lot of time researching and analyzing the technical features of generators and having review for each one. After that, you will be able to make a decision.

We know the difficulty and conducted extensive research for our readers. We were determined to gather a list of the top 6 best generators for emergency preparedness.

After doing extensive research, we are here and compiled a list of the best generators for uncertain events.

We hope you checked our guide and have gone through the features of each of the products. Now, you can make a wise decision to be prepared for emergencies.

If any outage occurs, your generator will save you. Start living comfortably and keep yourself away from blackouts!

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