Best Portable Generator for Whole House

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We know that power issues are very common nowadays. It’s hard to stay warm during winters and harsh weather. Sometimes, your whole house will get plunged into darkness due to a power cut.


It’s smart advice to invest in the best portable generator for the whole house. Lighten up your house even when there is a power shortage. Forget about power cut problems!


It’s an uphill task to choose the best portable generator for the whole house. Do not worry! We’ll guide you to select the best portable generator according to your needs.


The portable whole-house generator can power most of your home appliances. But you have to analyze your power consumption before reaching a decision.


Not only this, engine power and generator capacity are other factors that you must take into consideration.


Let’s make this confusing task easy for you and check out the Top 6 best portable generators for the whole house.


Top 6 Best Portable Generators for the whole house


Product Wattage Voltage Warranty
DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Portable Generator 5500W 120/240 Volts 3 years
Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generator 9500W 120 Volts 3 years
DuroStar Gas Powered Portable Generator 10000W 120 Volts 1 year
Pulsar Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator 12000W 120/240 Volts 1 year
Briggs PowerSmart Series 4500W 120 Volts 3 years
Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator 3800W 120 Volts 3 years

DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Portable Generator

If you are looking for a portable and budget-friendly generator that gives you good power capacity, you must have a look at DuroMax XP5500EH. DuroMax gives you much more than your expectations on a smaller budget.

Let’s analyze the best portable generator for whole house.


Features & Specs

DuroMax is the best residential generator that offers plenty of power capacity. It is highly suitable for household needs. DuroMax gives 5500 starting watts and 4500 running watts.


No doubt, it is a good power capacity that can handle heavy loads as well. You can run refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and heavy amperage appliances too.


As it is the latest model generator, it supports dual fuel features. Run it on propane or on gasoline whichever is available. This freedom of choice gives you flexibility and relief.


Sometimes, it becomes difficult to check the oil level on your generator.  You will have to shut down a generator when the oil is about to end to protect your generator. This is not so with the DuroMax because of its low oil feature. The oil shut-off sensor will shut off the generator automatically.


DuroMax is equipped with a strong 224cc OHV engine to power heavy-duty equipment.


Through MX2 technology, you will get maximum power out of each 120 Volt receptacle. Its amazing features have not ended yet. You have the option to choose between operating the generator at 120V or 240V.


A variety of outlets will enable you to charge multiple devices. You’ll get (2) 120V household GFCI outlets, and (1) 120/240V 30A twist lock outlets. Besides this, 12V charging ports are helpful to charge external batteries.


It’s an RV-ready generator with a full metal body. Strong tires and handles make it manageable to move around.


DuroMax is Eco-friendly, has longer storage, and is an affordable generator.



  • Budget-friendly
  • Good power capacity
  • Dual fuel option
  • 3 years of warranty



  • The fuel tank is small


Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Westinghouse is a famous generator-making brand. They have been making generators since 1886. If we talk about the best portable generator for the whole house, we can’t forget the Westinghouse.


This dual-fuel portable generator is quite powerful and can lighten up your whole house. Let’s review Westinghouse.


Features & Specs

Westinghouse 12500W is a trusted and reliable generator for your home backup.


It is a blue-and-black contrast generator with a sturdy handle. Although it is a heavy generator, you can move it easily with the help of handles.


If we talk about its technical features, it offers 9500 running watts and 12500 Peak watts.


It is easy to start a generator with an electric start, remote start and recoil start option. You can start a generator up to 260 feet away.


Westinghouse gives good running time. It’ll run up to 12 hours on a 6.6-gallon fuel tank. It gives you ease during a long power shortage day.


Multiple outlet options enable you to charge various appliances. Moreover, all outlets are rubber covered to ensure extra safety. You’ll get Two GFCI 120V 5–20R Standard Household Receptacles, One Transfer Switch Ready 120V L14-30R, and One RV Ready 120/240V.


Westinghouse generator is equipped with a 457cc Westinghouse 4-stroke OHV engine.


Another outstanding feature is its digital display meter. You could check frequency, lifetime hours, and voltage.


Westinghouse is a tested whole-house generator that is Carb and EPA-compliant with 3 years of product warranty.



  • Offer good wattage
  • Dual fuel generator
  • Remote start feature
  • 3 years of Product warranty
  • Multiple outputs



  • A bit expensive


DuroStar Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar is the third-best portable generator for the whole house. It’s a durable and premium generator. It is a gas-powered generator with plenty of good features including handling heavy loads.


Let’s not wait further and deeply analyze its features.


Features & Specs

The DuroStar is powered by an 18HP 440cc OHV Durostar Engine. This powerful engine can bear heavy loads and can power most home appliances.


MX2 technology is another stunning feature.  Through this feature, you can get the maximum power from each 120V and 240V receptacle. Most amazingly, you can choose between operating the generator on 120V and 240V.


This generator is perfect for RVs and house needs. Its power panel includes a wide selection of outlets. You’ll get (2) 120V household GFCI outlets, (1) 120V 30A twist lock outlet, (1) 240V 30A outlet, and (1) 240V 50A outlet.


Not only this, it lowers RPMs when the generator is not being used. It saves fuel and reduces noise. This is the super best feature of the worksite generator.


This red and black color generator has an 8.3-gallon gas tank. Panel features include a Voltmeter, Mx2 switch, idle control, Dc charging, Low oil sensor, and Ac breaker.


All copper winding makes its lifespan a little longer. Strong and sturdy handles make it easy to move. Not only for the whole house, but this high-power generator is also suitable for RVs, job sites, and camping.



  • Many outlet options
  • One year of warranty
  • Efficient engine
  • Less noisy



  • Power capacity can be enhanced


Pulsar Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

If you are looking for a strong generator for a long-running time, pulsar can be an excellent choice. Pulsar is a whole-house generator with adequate features that will save your life and provide you with a good home backup. It is worth investing in such a generator.


Features & Specs 

Ready to look at its features? Let’s analyze what pulsar gives to its customers.


The most important feature that you should check before buying a generator is its power capacity. Pulsar gives sufficient power for running a whole. 9500 rated watts and 12000 peak watts are enough for home backup.


Pulsar allows its customer to choose between gasoline and propane. This freedom of choice will be beneficial for you when you run out of gas.


It is equipped with a 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine with an electric start feature.


The fuel tank is 8 gallons. You can run pulsar for up to 12 hours at a half load on gasoline. Isn’t it a good running time? We can say it is best for household needs.


Ready to power your heavy home appliances with pulsar? Yes?. You can do it as pulsar comes with a wide range of outlets.


It has (4) 120V 20A AC outlets, (1) 120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, (1) 120V/240V 50A outlet, and (1) 12V DC output.


Convenient handles and never flats wheels are extra plus points of the pulsar.


Pulsar takes care of its customers and provides low oil sensors and automatic voltage regulation. Make your life hassle-free and get the best portable generator for home backup.


When you buy pulsar, you’ll get 1 year of the limited warranty and a propane hose.



  • Dual fuel feature
  • 8-gallon tank
  • Best for heavy-duty appliances
  • Powerful engine



  • Limited warranty


Briggs PowerSmart Series

Briggs is one of the best portable generators on our list. we get a lot of good features. This generator is suitable for low-wattage appliances. It is not a heavyweight compared to the other home generator.


Time to check its technical features.


Features & Specs

Briggs generator is a combination of grey black and red colors. We love its portability and elegance. Besides this, a small weight is another factor that makes Briggs a good generator so far.


Are you one of those who hate manual start generators? Yes? No worry then!


Briggs has an electric start feature. Start your generator without putting in the extra effort.


Time to bring the latest generator in and say goodbye to the old generator.


It provides 4500 starting watts and 3700 running watts. Best for the whole house backup, camping, and RVs.


Through its multi-functional display panel, monitor your power usage, fuel level, and run time.


Safety should be the priority, and we should never compromise on it. A generator with CO shutdown technology ensures extra safety as the generator will be shut off automatically. This won’t increase the carbon monoxide level which is an extremely harmful gas.


Let’s talk about the run time. It provides 16 hours of run time at ¼ loads.


It’s smart and efficient and provides a reliable power supply. We can say, Briggs gives value for your money.



  • Multi-functional display
  • 3 years of warranty
  • CO shut down the feature
  • 16 hours running time



  • Expensive


Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator

The champion generator is actually a champion in the generator market. They make smart, efficient, and durable generators for consumers. If you are looking for a reliable and credible generator, you must consider a champion. It is also one of the most affordable generators with excellent functionality.


Features & Specs

This black-and-yellow contrast is a double-fuel portable generator. You can operate it either on gasoline or propane.


The electric start feature helps you to quickly start the generator. It is powered by a 224cc champion engine which is capable of running your home appliances.


The Intelli gauge feature enables you to monitor voltage, hertz, and runtime.


The dimensions of this productive generator are 26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches.


A wide range of outlets supports you to charge your home equipment. It comes with One 120V 30A RV outlet (TT-30R), one 120V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R), and two 120V 20A household outlets.


Its trust-volt guard built-in surge protector prevents overloads. Besides this, the champion generator has air cooled and low oil shut-off sensor.


It delivers 9 hours of run time on gasoline and 10.5 hours on propane.


The noise level is 68 dBa from 23 ft. Three years of warranty and lifetime technical support are also available.


Champion is terrific for home needs and outside activities; it makes life easy and generates sufficient power.



  • Affordable generator
  • Three years of warranty and lifetime technical support
  • Good for low power consumption



  • Power capacity can be increased.


Best Whole House Generator Buying Guide

We have discussed the top 6 whole house generators. These powerful generators are enough for running your whole house. Some of these generators can run TVs, refrigerators, Air conditioners, and other heavy-duty equipment. But we know that everyone’s needs are different. If you need good power, you’ll have to select a high-power generator. That’s why we are going to disclose some of the pro tips that will help you to get the best generator.


Power output

The most crucial thing that you check before buying a generator is power output. Consider buying a generator according to your power requirement. It also depends on house appliances. If you have high-power appliances in your home, you need a high-wattage generator. For example, 3500w to 5000w is enough for a small house. However, for a big house, you need a 10000w to 120000w generator.


There are online power calculators for generators that can be used to have a better idea of your power needs.


HP Rating

HP rating means the horsepower rating of a gas engine. This is another important aspect that should not be ignored. Check the HP Rating of a generator before making a choice. 10 is a standard HP rating for a generator. However, some good-quality generators have more than 14 HP ratings.


Output ports

You’ll connect devices to a generator to power them. Therefore, it is necessary to check out the output port of a generator. Generally, Ac ports, Rv ports, and transfer switches are available in a generator. But some manufacturers provide USB ports too.


Engine Capacity

Generally, the whole house generator is equipped with a gas engine that produces electricity. It is essential to check the engine capacity. If you are not very technical and don’t know how to check engine capacity, you can check the cc of an engine. CC stands for cubic centimeters. You should try to get a high cc engine generator as it will be more efficient compared to the lower cc engine.




What power capacity is suitable to run a whole house?

There is no exact answer to this question as power consumption varies from person to person. If you have heavy-duty appliances, you’ll need a high-power generator. It is estimated that a 7000w to 10000w generator can be good for the running of the whole house.


Are whole house generators durable?  

Whole house generators are reliable because they need frequent maintenance and they have a long life span. In short, you can trust a whole-house generator.


Is it hard to install a whole-house generator? 

Honestly speaking it is neither hard nor easy. It depends on the person. If you have prior knowledge, you can install it by yourself. However, if you do not know how to install a whole-house generator, it is recommended to hire a professional to avoid any mistakes. Because there are many tasks that an ordinary person can’t do such as electric wiring. It is better not to take a risk and hire an expert.



There are endless advantages to having a whole-house generator at home. During a blackout, the generator will quickly deliver power. No matter if you run out of electricity, a generator will allow you to carry on your operations. You can run your home appliance on a generator without any hassle.  Having a backup generator at home gives you peace of mind and saves you from voltage fluctuation.


The portable whole-house generator is a good investment that will give you long-term benefits. Our list of the top 6 best portable generators will help you to make the best purchase. Go through the specification and features of each product and choose according to your requirements. We included a buying guide that assists you to understand your needs.


We hope that now you can make a choice and are ready to farewell blackout days!

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