Best Tri Fuel Generators

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Have you ever encountered stormy weather? Then, you must know how important it is to have a power backup. Having the best tri-fuel generators can make it easy to tackle cold weather and unexpected emergencies.


You must have heard of dual-fuel generators. Generally, these types of generators run on gasoline or propane. But what if you run out of both of these fuel options? In this case, a tri-fuel generator can save you. Especially, when you can’t go outside to get your required fuel.


A tri-fuel generator can run on natural gas as well. If you are out of fuel, connect your generator to natural gas and have a limitless fuel supply. It works best when you are around your house.


If you are outside, you can use either propane or gasoline. A generator is a need in every house because uncertain circumstances can capture you anytime.


To avoid such uncertainties, get the best tri-fuel generator and be prepared for a power outage.


Top 6 Best Tri-fuel Generators’ reviews and buying Tips

We have tried many tri-fuel generators and compiled a list of the 6 best tri-fuel generators that will save you in emergencies. Let’s deeply understand the specifications of these tri-fuel generators.


Product Engine Rating Warranty
Wanco WGCT7500 14 HP Kohler CH440 OHV Engine


9.8 3-year
Sportsman GENTRI9K  15 HP 4 Stroke OHV Engine


9.5 1 year
Kohler PRO90ETF 14 HP Kohler CH440 OHV Engine


9.6 3-year
Wanco WGCT5300 5 HP Kohler CH395 OHV Engine


9.3 3-year
Winco HPS9000VE/E 16 HP OHV engine


9.0 Not specified
Winco HPS12000HE/F 5 HP 9.0 Not specified

Wanco WGCT7500 – Top pick Best Tri Fuel Generators

Wanco is the best tri-fuel generator with good power capacity and running time.


It’s our top pick for a tri-fuel generator. Let’s have a look at its specifications.


Features & Specifications

It provides 7500 starting and 7000 running watts on gasoline and 7500 starting and 7000 running watts on LPG. If you use natural gas, it gives 7300 starting and 6500 running watts.


This generator is powered by a powerful  14 HP Kohler CH440 OHV Engine that provides long-lasting power backup.


It has a low oil shut-off feature that will automatically shut off the generator when the oil level is low. Besides this, it has an automatic voltage regulator which helps the generator maintain 120 voltage for a long time.


It has a 76 Dba noise level. It means this generator will not be very quiet. Moreover, it has an electric/recoil start feature. It is compatible with a 30 amp manual transfer switch.


The generator has a 125V 20A Duplex (2), 12V 8.3A Battery Charger, 125V 30A Locking, and 125/250V 30A Locking.


Running time on LPG is 20 hours at 50% load. Not only this, it has plenty of other benefits. For example, it eliminates bad gasoline issues and lets you skip fuel-system winterization.


This product is EPA and CARB-compliant. If you buy this generator, you’ll get a wheel kit, battery, regulator, and 3 years of limited warranty.


Its weight is 215Ibs and its dimensions are 30×29×29. Although this tri-fuel generator is heavyweight, it is manageable to move because of its never-flat wheels and sturdy handles.


All these specifications made this tri-fuel generator our top pick. This generator can produce good wattage on natural gas as well. However, most generators reduce power when they are operated on natural gas. But this is not so with this Wanco generator.


What we love about this generator:

  • Low oil shutoff
  • Automatic voltage regulator system
  • Required accessories are included in the generator box
  • Three years of the limited warranty


What we don’t like:

  • A bit expensive


Sportsman GENTRI9K – Best Tri Fuel Portable Generators

It is our second-best generator in our top 6 best tri-fuel generator list. Sportsman generator has a good running time along with 9.5 ratings. Which is a good rating so far.  Time to look at its technical features for a better understanding of its uses. Let’s check these out.


Features & Specifications

It is a green and black color generator that comes with strong wheels and handles. If you do not like to buy heavyweight generators that are hard to move, this sportsman can be a super great choice for you. Two strong handles and never-flat wheels make it manageable to move the generator around.


As it is a tri-fuel generator, you can run it on gasoline, propane on natural gas.


It provides 9000 starting watts and 7200 running watts on gasoline. However, LPG and natural gas watts are not specified.


This budget-friendly generator has a 7.4-gallon fuel tank. Its running time is up to 10 hours at a half-power load.


It has a low oil shut-off feature that helps you avoid damage. Besides, this product is Carb compliant. The battery will not be included in a generator box. You’ll have to purchase the battery separately to start the generator.


Its weight is 200 pounds which makes it a portable and lightweight generator. This sportsman generator comes with 4-120V, 1-120V RV, 1-120/240V, 1-12V DC outlets, and 1 year of warranty. However, be careful when you operate the generator as an automatic voltage regulator is not included in the generator.


What we like about this generator:

  • Low oil shut-off feature
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Lightweight as compared to the other generators
  • 10 hours running time on gasoline
  • Budget-friendly


What we don’t like:

  • Absence of an automatic voltage regulator system


Kohler PRO90ETF – Best Surge Power tri-fuel Generator

Kohler is the 3rd best generator in our list of 6 best tri-fuel generators. It has a 9.6 rating. Isn’t it good? This tri-fuel generator produces good power on LPG, gasoline, and natural gas that will be beneficial during chilly winter days or when you are dealing with a power outage.


Features & Specifications

This black and blue contrast generator is powered by a 14 HP Kohler CH440 OHV Engine. It delivers 9000 starting and 7200 running watts on gasoline and propane.


If you run this generator on natural gas, it generates 8750 starting and 6500 running water.


The Kohler generator has a 125V 20A Duplex (2), 12V 8.3A Battery Charger, 125V 30A Locking, and 125/250V 30A Locking outlets.


Kohler cares about your safety and has an automatic voltage regulator. It produces clean electricity with less than 6% THD. Confidently power your sensitive devices like laptops, phones, and so on.


It is compatible with a 30 amp manual transfer switch. Running time is 20 hours at 50% load on propane. The noise level is 76 dBa.


When you buy this generator, you don’t have to get a battery separately. It will be included in the box. Get the generator and start using it. A wheel kit is also included in the package. Along with these, you’ll get a 10-foot hose to connect to a propane tank.


This generator has 218 pounds weight and product dimensions are ‎29.4 x 21.4 x 22.3 inches.


Enjoy three years of warranty and use the generator without worrying about the repair cost.


What we like about this generator:

  • The battery is included in the box
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Provide clean electricity with less than 6% THD


What we do not like:

  • Little expensive


Wanco WGCT5300 – Low Price Best tri-fuel Generator

Don’t want to invest a lot of money in a single generator? But do you still want to get the best tri-fuel generator with efficient working? If yes, you should consider the Wanco WGCT5300 generator.


Features & Specifications

This orange-color classy generator delivers 5300 starting and 4800 running watts on gasoline and propane.


this gives 5000 starting and 4560 running watts on natural gas. It has automatic voltage regulation that saves your sensitive devices. and it produces clean electricity with less than 6% THD.


However, the wattage capacity is a little smaller compared to the other generator brand, but it is still able to run most of your appliances.


Like most of the Wanco line generators, it has low oil shutdown features when oil hits the low level. This feature saves your generator from damage.


It is compatible with a 30 amp manual transfer switch. this generator comes with a recoil start option.


this offers 120V 20A Duplex, 120/240V 30A Twist Lock, and 120V 30A Twist Lock outlets. This generator is powered by a 5 HP Kohler CH395 OHV Engine.


There is no need to buy a battery separately to get this generator started. Battery and mobility kit will be included in the box.


Wanco tri-fuel generator offers good running time. You can keep it running up to 20 hours at 50% load.


We are not done yet! This cool tri-fuel generator has other benefits too. It eliminates bad gasoline issues and lets you skip fuel-system winterization.


It is EPA and Carb compliant and gives 3 years of warranty.


What we like about this generator:

  • Inexpensive
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Three years of warranty
  • Low oil shut-off feature


What we do not like: 

  • The regulator is not included
  • Less wattage generator


Winco HPS9000VE/E – Elegant Design tri-fuel Generator

Winco generator is an elegant black and red contrast generator that provides value for your money. This generator is excellent for running heavy-duty appliances. It’s a reliable and durable generator that you can try during power shortage days.


Features & Specifications

This Winco tri-fuel generator is powered by Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine. These are the premium engines to run appliances that are necessary for living. Its 16-horsepower engine comes with a three-year warranty that will give you peace of mind.


Three fuel options will make your life easy. It is easy to transition between three fuels. Run it on gasoline, propane, or natural gas.


Winco produces 9000 starting and 8000 running watts. In case the oil level is low in a generator, the generator will shut down automatically. It protects the engine from damage.


Winco comes with a 7-gallon fuel tank. Its steel fuel tank design is EPA approved which eliminates hydrocarbon emissions.


Besides this, this product is ESA and EPA-approved.


The engine starter type is recoil/electric start and the engine speed is 3600 RPM.


A fuel gauge is also included. It has 77 dBa at 7 meters. When you start the generator, the engine produces a loud noise.


Weight is 202 lbs. The wheel kit is not included in the box. If you want to move the generator freely, you’ll have to buy a wheel kit separately. Its heavy weight makes it impossible to easily carry the generator.


The generator has  2 duplex 120V, and 1 120/240V 30A twist lock outlet.


This generator is best for house backup and RV use.


What we like about this generator:

  • Provides 8000 watts of continuous power
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Automatic voltage regulator


What we do not like:

  • Expensive
  • A wheel kit is not included


Winco HPS12000HE/F- Powerful Tri Fuel Generator

We have another Winco generator on our list. Winco has been making the best tri-fuel generators since 1984. This Winco generator is a high-powered generator that can run crucial items like pumps, TVs, and air conditioners. Let’s have a look at its specifications.


Features & Specifications

This generator comes with a four-wheel standard dolly kit. This efficient generator is powered by a honda engine. It is a quiet and fuel-efficient generator.


It is designed to quickly transition among three fuel types; LPG, Gasoline, and Natural gas.


The fuel tank design is EPA-approved. The tank size is 15 gallons.


The generator has low oil protection and a fuel gauge. The running time is 9.1 hours.


This generator provides 12000 starting watts and 10800 running watts. This cool product is EPA and ESA-approved. However, it is not CARB-approved. It simply means customers from California can’t operate this generator.


Weight is 272 lbs. As it is powered by a Honda engine, you’ll get 2 year of product warranty. So, your investment will be safe and you can use the generator freely.


It produces good power that is perfect for running heavy-duty equipment. This generator comes with four 120V outlets and only one 30A twist lock outlet.


Look no further as this tri-power generator is highly efficient and credible for a home backup.


What we like about this generator:

  • Good power capacity
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • The wheel kit is included


What we don’t like:

  • An expensive generator with a limited number of outlets


Best Tri Fuel Generators Buying Guide


The generator is a one-time investment. So, you should not decide in a hurry. Every product has some pros and cons and different specifications. You need to analyze everything deeply before reaching a decision. There are many types of tri-fuel generators available in the market. They’ll probably confuse you. You need to choose according to your requirements and home needs.


Find out if the tri-fuel generator works for you or not. These generators are typically heavier and more expensive compared to dual-fuel generators. Is it getting complicated? Do not worry; we are going to explain some pro tips. These will help you to get the best generator available in the market.


Wattage and Engine

The first thing that you should check is the surge and continuous watts of a generator. It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy a traditional generator or a tri-fuel generator.


Continuous wattage means the amount of wattage that a generator can run continuously. However, surge wattage means the wattage that a generator produces when you start it. Surge wattage is the power that the generator produces in only 2-3 seconds.


You need to check this wattage before buying a generator. Besides this, check what kind of appliances you are planning to run on a generator.


For example, a motor requires more power to start than to run it continuously. That’s why surge and continuous wattage matter a lot.


AVR system

Automatic Voltage regulation is another factor that must not be ignored when you check the features of a generator. It is very necessary to have an AVR system if you want to power sensitive devices. It protects you from damage.


Fuel tank capacity

Fuel tank capacity matters when you run a generator on gasoline. Because propane will come with its tank and natural gas will be supplied through the pipeline. Some good generators provide 7-gallon to 15-gallon fuel tanks. However, it depends on how often you fill the fuel tank.


Power Outlets

It is better to select a generator that has more power outlets so that you power most of your home equipment. Most generators have four household-style 120V outlets. These outlets are used to power most home appliances. However, some generators also have USB charging ports.


Safety Features

Your safety comes first. Do not compromise on it. Always buy a generator that has a low oil shut-off feature. It will help you to protect your engine and home appliances.



Some generators do not come with wheel kits, batteries, and other important generator accessories. In this case, you’ll have to buy these accessories separately. It’ll put an extra burden on you.



The generator is an investment that will last many years. So, it is wise to check the warranty of a product that you are going to buy. Some manufacturers offer limited warranties. However, a few of them offer a maximum of three years of warranty. But be sure to check what type of issues they will cover during the warranty period.


Additional features

Suppose you are environmentally conscious and care about air quality, you need to check whether a product is carb-compliant or not. lets it is not, you can’t operate the product in California. If it is CARB-approved, it is a plus point of a generator. Besides this, check the customer service of the brand. Check if their customers are happy with the service and product. This will help you to choose the best possible product.




What types of generators are suitable for running sensitive devices?

A generator that has an automatic voltage regulation system is best for running sensitive devices. Because the AVR system protects your device from any damage.


What wattage is adequate for me?

The wattage depends on your needs. But it is recommended to get a higher wattage generator than your needs. Because you never know when you need good power capacity.


What outlets are necessary for me?

Generator brands provide different outlets. All of them are necessary. But you need at least 4 120V, 20 Amp outlets. These outlets will run most of your home appliances. However, for running larger appliances, you need at least one 120V/240V twist-lock style outlet.


Final Verdict

We have reviewed the top 6 best tri-fuel generators. They are the best in the market. We have spent hours of research to get these generators for our readers.


All generators are efficient and perfect for home backup, Rvs, and campsites. Generators with AVR systems are our most liked generators because safety always comes first.


We included budget-friendly generators as well in this list so that people who do not want to invest a lot of money in one generator can buy it. These budget-friendly generators are inexpensive yet efficient.


Now, are you ready to buy a tri-fuel generator? Get yours now and save yourself from the hassle of fuel. If you run out of specific fuel, connect your generator to natural gas and enjoy a good power capacity.


You can’t sit in the darkness; time to get prepared for energy crises!

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