Best 12000 Watt Generator

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You must choose the best 12000-watt generator if you are facing a lot of power issues. An efficient 12000-watt generator is capable of powering your whole house. It can charge a large number of appliances and you can keep yourself powered for a long time.

Best 12000 Watt Generator

If you run a business, you must have a good power source to tackle energy crises. Moreover, a powerful 12000-watt generator can be utilized on worksites, construction sites, and job needs.

If you keep it as a home backup generator, it will solve your outage problems.

Power cuts are common in California during cold climates. If you live in such an environment, make sure you have a good working generator to avoid any problems.

Many popular brands like Honda, Pulsar, Generac, Ford, and Champion are making 12,000-watt generators.

Some of them come with a portability feature so that you can move the generator when you need to.

There are a few features that you must take into consideration before purchasing a generator. We are going to help you to understand these technical features. After reading this 12000-watt generator guide and review of each generator,  you will be able to make a perfect choice.

Ready to check the top rated 5 best 12000 water generators? Let’s get started. Stay with us till the end.

Table of Top 5 Best 12000-watt Generators

ImageProductWattageNoise LevelPrice
Westinghouse WGen9500DF9500 running watts73dBa
DuroStar DS12000EH9500 running watts74dBa
A-iPower SUA12000E9500 running watts78dBa
Pulsar G12KBN9500 running watts77dBa
DuroMax XP12000EH9500 running watts74dBa

Top rated 5 Best 12000-Watt Generator – Buying Guide + Tips 2023


  1. Westinghouse WGen9500DF – High wattage 12000-watt Generator
  2. DuroStar DS12000EH – Efficient 12000 watt Generator
  3. A-iPower SUA12000E – Long-running 12000 watt Generator
  4. Pulsar G12KBN – Large Fuel Tank 12-watt Generator
  5. DuroMax XP12000EH – Premium 12000-watt Generator


Westinghouse WGen9500DF – High wattage 12000-watt Generator

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

Need a best-performing generator with lots of features? A Westinghouse generator can be your choice. It is a high-running time generator with wheels and handles. Take the power wherever you want. No additional effort is required to start the generator.

Features & Specifications

Westinghouse is a dual-fuel generator that provides different wattage on gasoline and propane.

Both fuel types can be used to start the generator. It is a plus point as it saves you from any trouble when you have a shortage of a specific fuel type.

On propane, it delivers 11200 peak watts and 8500 running watts.  However, if you want to use gasoline as a fuel type, it will generate 12500 peak watts and 11200 rated watts.

You could choose the fuel type as per your choice, but gasoline fuel generates more power.

The product is  ST switch ready which means you can connect the generator to run your whole house.

It is equipped with a 457-cc 4-stroke OHV engine. The engine is made with double-cast iron sleeves which enhances its durability and makes it super long-lasting.

You can stay posted throughout the day because it has a 6.6 gal fuel tank.

A little More Features – Great!

The push button start feature is excellent. Quickly start the generator without getting indulged in the tedious process of pulling the ropes.

It has a built-in gauge and low oil shut-off feature for extra safety. The Westinghouse comes with a VFT data center. You can check frequency,  running hours, and regular maintenance.

The 12000-watt generator is capable of running Air conditioners, pumps,  refrigerators,  and other heavy-duty machines.

It comes with (2) GFCI 5-20R household duplex outlets, (1) Transfer Switch Ready L14-30R 120/240-Volt twist-lock, and (1) 120/240V 14-50R.  All outlets are rubber covered.

The Westinghouse 12000-watt generator is ideal for larger homes that require a lot of power to run.

12 hour running time with 74 dBa noise is perfect.  These Westinghouse generators are fully tested and provide 3 years of warranty.


  • Large capacity.
  • Best for running a whole house.
  • Long-running time.
  • Low oil shut off.
  • Remote start feature.


  • Bulky generator.

DuroStar DS12000EH – Efficient 12000 watt Generator

DuroStar DS12000EH

A DuroStar is the second-best 12000-watt generator on our list.  It is the dual fuel generator that supports gasoline or propane fuel type. 228 Lbs weight with 10 hours of running capacity makes it the ideal power source.


Features & Specifications

DuroStar is designed to power your entire home. Stay powered during storms and hurricanes.

Get the freedom of choice by picking this generator. Run it either on propane or gasoline whatever suits you.

It provides 12000 peak watts and 9500 running watts on gasoline. On propane, get 11400 peak watts and 9025 running watts.

Durostar is an 18-hp engine generator with an air cooling feature. The low oil shutoff feature is a terrific trait that will save your equipment. Moreover,  you do not need to check the oil of your power unit. The DuroStar will be shut off automatically.

A little More Features – Great!

The electric key start option enables you to start the generator within a second.

DuroStar has a multi-feature power panel. It has a low warning light, circuit breaker, and power outlets.

The weight of the generator is 280 pounds.  But tires and handles make it a portable generator.

DuroStar is approved in 50 states and can be delivered to California as well.

It is a metal construction generator with all copper winding.  It has Mx2 technology, a volt meter,  and idle control.

The generator provides 2x 120V household, 1x 120V 30A twist lock, 1x 120/240V 30A twist lock, and 1x 120/240V 50A heavy-duty outlets.

DuroStar has a longer life span generator that gives you more power. This single unit is sufficient for the entire home.

It provides 3 years of warranty and you’ll get an oil funnel, spark plug wrench, tool set, wheel & handle kit.


  • Best for residential and commercial use.
  • Electric start.
  • Long warranty period.
  • Carb Complaint.


  • Heavyweight.

A-iPower SUA12000E – Long-running 12000 watt Generator

A-iPower SUA12000E

If you are already reading and searching about the generator, you must be familiar with the A-i power brand. ai Power is one of the well-known generator brands. Their generators provide long running time. So,  do not worry if you often face lengthy power outages, A-i will take care of you.

Let’s see why an A-i power unit is one of the best 12,000-watt generators.


Features & Specifications

The A-i power has a 459cc OHV engine.  It has a cast iron sleeve that extends the durability of the generator.

Like most of the latest technology generators, A-i has a low oil sensor that safeguards your equipment.

A-i power is a heavy-duty generator that provides 12000 starting watts and 9000 running watts on gasoline.

The fuel capacity of this unit is 7 gallons. Run the generator for up to 14 hours at 25% load.

Through the voltage selector switch,  you can operate it at 120V or 240V based on your needs.

It is manageable to start the generator. Push the start button to allow you to run the generator with a single click.

A little More Features – Great!

The A-i power is a heavy-duty metal construction. Use it freely as it is a long-lasting generator.

The unit is highly competent and fulfills your power desires. It supports heavy-duty machinery too.

Its reliable engine gives you ample power when you are out of power.

A-i has been designed according to the customer’s requirements. The generator is portable and easy to move. Wheel and foldable handles make it manageable to transport the generator.

2×5-20R Duplex GFCI (20A, 120V) – 1xL14-30R (30A, 120/240V) – 1×14-50R (50A, 120/240V).

Furthermore, all outlets have rubber covers. This extra protection saves outlets from dust, moisture, and debris.

A-i Power offers 1 year commercial and 2-year residential warranty.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Good running time.
  • Wide range of outlets.


  • Loud generator.

Pulsar G12KBN – Large Fuel Tank 12-watt Generator

Pulsar G12KBN

A Pulsar is an easy-to-operate generator with no complications at all. A person having no knowledge of generators can operate a pulsar. This wonderful power equipment meets the customer’s expectations and does what it is supposed to do.


Features & Specifications

Pulsar is a dual-fuel generator that can be run on propane and gasoline. It delivers 12000 peak watts and 9500 rated watts on gasoline. If you use the generator on propane,  it will provide less wattage. The generator produces 10800 peak watts and 8550 rated on propane.

The dual fuel feature is an excellent characteristic.  You can go with your desired fuel type. It will assist you to tackle emergencies.

The fuel tank has an 8-gallon storage capacity. It will give a long running time. You can run it for 8 hours continuously at half load.

Pulsar cares about your safety and has an automatic voltage regulator that keeps the equipment and devices safe.

A little More Features – Great!

It is a skilled generator that provides a low oil shut-off feature.

12000 watts of power is adequate for home and work.

It offers multiple outlets. It has  120V 20A AC Outlets, (1) 120V/240V 30A Twist-Lock Outlet, (1) 120V/240V 50A Outlet, and (1) 12V DC Output.

A digital meter helps to track the frequency and running hours.

The generator weighs 209 pounds.  It has drop-down handles and 10″ never-flat wheels for easy moving of the generator.

The generator comes with a propane hose and a 1 year of warranty.


  • Large fuel tank.
  • Long run time.
  • Dual fuel.
  • Efficient working.


  • Short warranty period.

DuroMax XP12000EH – Premium 12000-watt Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH

DuroMax is another popular generator brand. The DuroMax has a lot of high-performing generators. But here, we are going to reveal the features of DuroMax XP12000EH. Let’s see why you should select this 12,000-watt portable generator.


Features & Specifications

DuroMax is a dual-fuel generator. You can use gasoline or propane to run the generator.

This outstanding power unit provides 12000 peak wattage and 9500 running wattage.

Propane peak wattage is 11400 and running wattage is 9025.

The running time of this generator is quite long. It has 19 hours of run time at 25% load and 8 hours at 50% load.

A little More Features – Great!

DuroMax protects your power unit as it will turn off the generator when the oil level reaches low.

12000 watts is more than enough energy. Power your multiple heavy-duty appliances at a time.

It has MX2 technology to provide you maximum power out of each 120 receptacles.

You could operate the generator at both 120V and 240V.

A 4-stroke engine is highly reliable. It is a metal-constructed generator with all copper winding.

Its fully loaded panel includes a voltmeter, Key switch start, low oil shut off, Mx2 switch,  and 2 household outlets.

Be prepared for storms and get the DuroMax. The generator comes with an oil funnel, wheel kit, tool set,  product manual, and Dc cables.


  • Long Run time.
  • Dual fuel.
  • Carb approved.


  • Bulky generator.

Buying Guide and Tips For 12000 Watt Generator 2023

You must have read the reviews of the top-rated 5 best 12000-watt generators which are mentioned above. Now,  you are clear about the generators and their technical features and specifications. But there are some important tips that we want to share with you so that you won’t end up picking up a bad-quality generator. This section helps you to make a valuable purchase.



There are two common fuel types. Gasoline and propane. Each has its pros and cons. Let’s talk about gasoline first. Gasoline is the best fuel for generators as it produces high wattage. It is easily available and cheap fuel as compared to propane. But it has a con too. Sometimes,  because of natural disasters, it becomes hard to get gasoline.

Propane is an eco-friendly fuel and can be stored for a long time. The drawback of propane is its unavailability. Moreover,  it is expensive and does not have a built-in gauge feature.

Both fuel types have advantages and disadvantages. We suggest you go with a dual-fuel type generator so that you can easily switch the fuel when you need it.


Generator Design and Quality

Generator design and quality matter a lot. You need to make sure that your selected generator is made with high-quality material. Such generators are long-lasting. Besides this, try to get a portable design generator.  Portable generators that come with wheels and handles are easy to move.

Moreover, you should try to get a generator with a maximum number of features. An automatic voltage regulator,  low oil shut off, digital meter, and covered panel are the most common features that you must look at before purchasing a generator.


Noise Level

Noise levels vary from person to person. Some people do not care about noise. They are fine with high noise too. But the people around you might care about the noise. So, it is smart advice to choose a generator that won’t disturb your neighbors.

Besides this, the noise level depends on where you want to operate the generator. If you are planning to use a generator on a work and construction site, a loud noise generator can work.

But in a residential area, a noisy generator will disturb you and your neighbors. For home,  always get a generator with a minimum noise level to avoid any problems.

For a 12000-watt generator, 67-78 dBa noise level is good.


Fuel Efficient

There are fuel-efficient generators in the market.  It means they consume less fuel.  These generators save you from spending a lot of money on fuel. If you want to run a generator for a longer period,  get a fuel-efficient generator with a long running time.


Warranty & Customer Care

Different brands provide different warranty periods. Their warranty period ranges from 1-3 years. Make sure to check whether it is a commercial or residential warranty. But always choose a generator with a maximum warranty period as all of your generator issues will be covered by the brand.

If you want to check out the customer service of any brand, we advise you to go through the review section and read what people say about this brand. This is a perfect way to analyze a brand.


Frequently Asked Questions for 12000-watt Generator – FAQs


Can a 12,000-watt generator run an entire house?

Yes, 12000 watts is enough power to run a whole house.


What is the running time of a 12,000-watt generator?

Running time varies from generator to generator,  but most of the 12000-watt generators have 8-12 hours of running time at 50% load.


What is the cost of a 12,000-watt gene12000-watt?

A 12,000-watt generator will cost you $800 to $1300.



You must have checked the list of the top-rated 5 best 12000-watt generators. You can see most generators have an electric start feature to effortlessly start the generator. Away from this, generators have low oil shut-off,  automatic voltage regulators,  digital meters, and covered outlets for extra safety. Portability of a generator should be your priority. Because such generators are easy to transport.

Prefer quality over cost. A low-cost generator won’t last long.

These are the most important features that you should not ignore while making a generator. We mentioned each of the features of the generators so that you can have an idea about the quality of the generator.

Now,  we hope that you are ready to tackle power issues. Pick the best 12000-watt generator and forget about the power crises. Such generators will give you peace of mind and a sense of relaxation during an outage. Go and grab yours to stay powered 24/7!

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