How Does A Generator Parallel kit work

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How Does A Generator Parallel kit work

it’s a great choice to have a branded generator, and every generator is specifically designed to meet limited needs.

Because if you want to run your appliances that are beyond the generator wattage then both the generator and appliances can be damaged.

Here a question comes to your mind how does a generator parallel kit work? otherwise, That will be not a good idea to run heavy-load appliances on a generator that does not support a heavy load, otherwise, you may lose your investment.

How Does A Generator Parallel Kit Work – Knowledge Sharing

Here the question arises, what should you do if your generator does not meet your household requirements, and you want to increase the supply of your generator as well?

The first method is to replace your generator by spending more money and buying a new bigger one, and the best method to increase your generator’s power wattage is through paralleling.

As the first method is quite expensive to invest a huge amount of money on buying a new bigger one. So, the second method will be the best one.

We can have this facility with the help of the Generator Parallel Kit. But How Does a Generator Parallel Kit Work? You can use it very easily as its process is quite simple.

The main thing is you must connect two generators having the same wattage in order to get the combined power.

I would say again because it’s much important that generators must be of the same size, capacity, and wattage and the same type as well.

When you use a generator parallel kit, you will be able to run heavy load appliances as you are getting now double the power.

In order to know what a generator parallel kit is, how it works, and its benefits you must dive into this article.

Following are a few of the hottest Generator parallel kits:

  1. Generac 7668 120Volts Parallel Cable Kit
  2. Generac 7118 Parallel Kit for GP2200i and GP2500i Inverter Generators is best for iQ3500 & GP3000i
  3. WEN GNA50i 50-Amp 6000-Watt Parallel Kit best for Inverter Generators
  4. Westinghouse 30 Amp Inverter Generator Parallel Cord
  5. Westinghouse 50 Amp Inverter Generator Parallel Cord


What is a Generator Parallel kit?

When you buy a generator, always go for one that comes with the ability to make parallel connections with that, as it is the best idea to increase the wattage of one generator by combining it with another generator having the same size, capacity, and wattage system. Fortunately, most portable generators come with this ability.

Generator Parallel kit allows you to make a pair of two generators in order to meet the requirements of your house’s energy needs. Be thankful for the parallel kit that you do not need to buy a new generator.

After using a parallel kit, your two inverter generators run in parallel, and you get their joint power as a single generator power. In simple words, with the help of a parallel kit, you will enjoy double the power of a single generator.

A generator parallel kit comes with circuit breakers, and locking voltages, and along with much power, you can run two generators simultaneously.

We use parallel cables to make connections between generators. The best thing about the parallel kit is that it’s easy and convenient to deploy and not much time taking.

When you are about to use a generator parallel kit, make sure that the generator you have is capable to make parallel connections because both generators must be compatible with each other.

Because most of the inverter generators are designed specifically to support parallel kits and these have this special ability.

On the other hand, you cannot connect the different sizes of generators with the help of a parallel kit. And the main point which you need to keep in mind; is always use such parallel kit you are going to use i.e., it must be the same as the generator manufacturer


How Generator Parallel Kit Works – Way to Find in Steps

The first thing to keep in mind, the parallel kit must belong to the same manufacturer to which your generator belongs. Otherwise, that would be useless.

First, you need to make a parallel connection between two portable generators. Their output will be synchronized to get power output.

You can avail of the synchronization of both generators just after the output voltage of each generator matches with the other one. To use a three-phase power supply, both of your generators must be matched in terms of output voltage.

The angle difference must be zero, another thing which must be matched with each other is their sine peak voltage.

The parallel kit comes with such a part called parallel switchgear, in case of need of some extra power this component helps a lot as it is used to get maximum output from generators.

Parallel kits are used to distribute power loads to fulfill the home’s power needs. When generators run parallel, they share the load equally and keep your house running evenly when you suffer from an outage. This process is called load sharing.

Your generators will consume more fuel when the load is increased.

You can monitor the load-sharing methods between inverter generators with the help of an onboard system of processing.


Benefits of Using Parallel Kit for Inverter Generators:

As we discussed much more about How the Generator Parallel Kit Works, Now let’s discuss its benefits.

Parallel Kit Makes It Quite Easy for Generators Maintenance:

When you want to use your generators for a longer period, your generators need to be maintained from time to time. Do not place them idle for a longer period. Otherwise, its fuel will become gel shape and oil may clog the engine.

That’s why it is recommended that you can run your two generators in parallel and maintain them from time to time to refrain from maintaining the whole unit instead.

During paralleling, you will maintain two generators with much ease compared to maintaining a big unit. Hence, you just need to replace a small inverter if it goes down instead of replacing the whole big one.


Max Power Output:

When you suffer from a power outage, you can add extra appliances to your house and run them at a time, all you just need to take help from a generator parallel kit.

You can increase the power capacity by connecting two generators in parallel using a generator parallel kit and then can have a single combined power output. But the point is, that both generators are of the same size and power capacity.

Furthermore, you may run your house on a single generator when you do need an extra load.



Running two generators in parallel does not only provide combined power to run your household items, but it can save you fuel as well.


Generator Paralleling Problems

During paralleling generators, there are a few problems that we need to keep in our mind.

At first, always connect those appliances that required the same amount of power. Because one generator will have to work extra than the second one.

Do not connect both generators to the same circuit breaker. It is just because if something happened wrong with one of them, both generators will be affected.

In the last, always make sure that the wiring between both generators i.e., parallel connections is properly tightened, and an equal amount of load is distributed on each generator.


Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed how can we attach two generators to get the combined power instead of buying a new heavy generator.

In the last, we also discussed the problems which a new user can be faced during paralleling generators. I wish you may get a better understanding of How Does the Generator Parallel Kit Work.

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