Best Portable Generator For Construction

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For the non-stop and peaceful construction work, we have to keep all the equipment in working condition for which we need a continuous source of power. It is a useful machine in an emergency situation though it has many drawbacks like small tanks, inefficient fuel utilization, and a noisy engine.


There are many best portable generators for construction available in the market of different American companies. In this article, we have discussed some of the best portable generator for construction and help you choose the best along with different reviews by the public. Before buying any generator have a look at the products that we have mentioned in this blog.




DuroMax Xp10000E 

Because it generates 10000-watt power output for more than 10. 4 hours just using a single tank of fuel and has 5000 reviews. DuroMax Xp10000E is considered one of the best portable generators for construction. It has an electrical start button that turns the generator on with a single press. It supplies power to heavy-load devices at the construction site. It has 4 strokes OHV engine shows its capability produce 10000 watts of power.


It has a low oil shutoff system that protects the engine from any harm or damage and confirms the fault-proof device. It is equipped with an idle control system that reduces the RPM of the engine when the generator is not operational. It has 5 outlets for the connection of different appliances and is equipped with drills and impact drivers.


The strong wheels are also one the unique features of this generator that not only carry the weight of this generator is 218 pounds which makes it a portable and moveable generator.


DuroMax Xp10000E is a noiseless generator producing 74dB of noise during its working which allows the person to concentrate on their work.  Overall this generator is a strong generator that is cost-effective as compared to other generators available and provides the maximum power. It is a fuel-efficient and quite generator that enhances its work.


Why you should buy it?

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Have an idle control system
  • Low oil shutoff


Reasons for not buying it:

  • Slightly  bulky


Generac 7676

This generator is a strong and famous generator producing 8000 watts of power and a run time of 11 hours because of a big fuel tank. It is one of the best portable generators for construction or at job sites. This generator is very reliable and dependable and supplies continuous power at construction sites and to power-hungry appliances and equipment.


This generator comes with an electrical start button that helps to turn the generator ON. It has an OHV engine that starts working as soon as you press the start button producing a large amount of electricity that you can use for many appliances and equipment. If you want to refill the fuel reservoir, this generator can carry 8 gallons of fuel.


This generator is the top priority for industrial sites because of its run time which is 2 gallons of fuel per hour which means that its run time is 12 hours with a 50 percent load. The noise that is produced by this generator i.e. 75 dB makes this generator quiet and soundless which is less than the noise produces by a vacuum cleaner.


It has a dual fuel mechanism which means it can utilize both gasoline and propane. If you will try to fit a fuel conversion kit it will not be operated on gasoline and will automatically increase the cost of the generator. In addition to this, the warranty of the generator will be affected.


The generic 7676 generates power of 8000 watts which makes this generator a multi-functional, portable generator.


Its distinctive features make this generator a bit expensive and costly


Why you should buy it?

  • Lightweight
  • Electric start button
  • 11hours back up


Reasons for not buying it:

  • Costly 


A-iPower SUA 15000 ECV

A-i power SUA 15000 ECV is a portable and strong generator that produces 15000 watts of power having a run time of 7 hours. It is CARB and EPA-registered which makes it an environment-friendly and noiseless generator. These features make it one of the best portable generators for constructions for construction purposes and running large home appliances.


It is a customer-friendly generator as far as budget is concerned because its power generation is much more i.e. 15000 watts as compared to other expensive generators having the cost of 1000’s dollars.


The A-iPower SUA15000 ECV is a strong body generator that can be used for many purposes like camping, at construction sites, etc. the cheaper version of this generator is also available at a low price but will produce low power.


This equipment has a 459cc 4-stroke OHV engine that will automatically start by pressing the electric start button generating power of 15000 watts. When your fuel tank is filled, this generator will produce a starting power of 15000 watts for about 7 hours after taking a start at 17000 watts initially.


This run time for this generator is not as much as compared to other generators if you want a strong and efficient generator which is a drawback of this generator.


The A-iPower SUA15000ECV has many outlets and ports that are 2×5-20R Duplex GFCI (20A, 120V), 1xL14-30R (30A, 120/240V), 1×14-50R (50A, 120/240V), 1xMultifunction Port USB Ready Automotive Style Outlet (8.3A, 12V) is great for using the generator for the RV.


This generator has many important features and characteristics that make it possible to have an eye on the different parameters i.e. low light environment with the help of LED light. It also helps to monitor important factors like wattage and voltage so that things remain under control.


There is an important feature of this cheap generator is a low oil shutdown that activates automatically when the fuel level reaches a certain level.


It is equipped with an idle control system that reduces the RPM of the engine when the generator is not operational.


Another useful feature of this generator is an automated voltage regulator that maintains the power produced by the generator. It protects the connected equipment from damage in case of surge.


It is one of the best portable generators that generate huge power to run many appliances.


The drawback of this generator is that its running time is less than 7 hours if your tank is not full. If you want a run time of more than 7 hours then your fuel tank will be completely full.


DuroMax XP8500E

DuroMax XP8500E is one of the best portable generators for construction that produce a high quantity of power.


This generated produces 8500 running watts and 10000 initial wants that can run all necessary appliances on the construction side.


This generator is an amazing product that is portable and easy to handle. It has a large fuel tank containing 8 to 10 gallons of gasoline and has a run time of 11 hours.


This generator has a 420cc OHV engine which is strong and powerful and produces a lot of energy without a large quantity of fuel.


DuroMax XP8500E has multiple outlets 4 x 120V GFCI outlets, one 120/240V outlet, and a 12V DC that can be used for charging small electrical devices. This generator is the best option for construction purposes.


In addition to this, the body of this generator is made up of steel metal which ensures its longevity and survival in

harsh areas.


This generator consists of a low oil shutdown system that senses the low level of fuel in the container and then automatically turns the generator off. This is one of the best features the generators have because sometimes you forget to refill your tank.


It is equipped with an idle control system that reduces the RPM of the engine when the generator is not operational.


DuroMax XP8500E is one of the best options for the construction site generating the power of 8500 watts that are used to run the essential appliances at the construction site. It has a run time of 1 hour by using 8 gallons f fuel which is enough for emergency situations.


Why you should buy it?

  • Quiet
  • 5 hours
  • Strong equipment


Reasons for not buying it: 

  • No drawback


Champion Power 100813

It is one of the best portable generators for construction having large fuel tanks and maximum output.


Champion power 100813 produces a noise of 74dB which makes it one of the quietest generators but the decibels are a bit more for the human.


It has an electronic start button that turns the generators on automatically with a single press of the button, unlike other generators that require a rope pull to start.


The generators are equipped with a pair of never-flat wheels that make transport generate easy from one place to another.


It supplies the power of 7500 watts that is used to run lights popular corded tools (like impact drivers) and other necessary job site projects.


This generator has many outlets that enable you to connect high-amperage devices. There are 120v 20A GFCI and 30A and 50A outlets.


It has a volt card that protects our electrical supplies from surges. These are the best features this generator has.


This is a strong quiet generator having a big fuel tank that provides 8 hours of run time. This generator has completely secure and safe because it is CARB and EPA-registered.


Why you should buy it?

  • Protective tools like volt guard 
  • Electric start switch for easy turning
  • on and off
  • Run time of 8 hours along with big fuel tank
  • Quiet gas generator


Reasons for not buying it:

  • Slightly heavier


Pulsar G12 KBN

Pulsar G12 KBN is the most powerful and appreciated gas generator among all the mentioned above.


This generator is small and compact but a very powerful generator having a greater output. Because of its fantastic style and outlook, you will not hesitate while spend money on this product.


This is the only generator that has two fuel tanks which will allow you to use multiple types of fuel like gasoline and propane.


You have to buy a fuel conversion kit separately to be installed on the above-mentioned generators.


This equipment has a 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine that will automatically start by pressing the electric start button generating 12000 peak watts and 9500 running watts with a run time of 12 hours. The dual-fuel tanks can contain 12 gallons of propane and gasoline.


Pulsar G12 KBN generators are equipped with a pair of never-flat wheels that makes the transport of generators easy from one place to another. In addition to that, the double drop-down grips make the movement of the generator easier. It has a low oil shutoff system that protects the engine from any harm or damage.


This dual-fuel generator is a strong portable generator that can be used for multi-purposes. It has many features and specifications which make it the most effective and powerful generator at construction sites.


Why you should buy it?

  • Electric push button
  • Variable outlets
  • Dual fuel system
  • Compact and lightweight


Reasons for not buying it:

  • Doesn’t come with oil


DuroStar DS10000E

DuroStar DS10000E is a strong generator having a 440 CC 4 stroke OHV engine supplying 10000 running watts with the help of a quick start button and is a good option for construction sites, load shedding, and emergency situations.


The product was manufactured for larger work sites but it can also be utilized for home appliances. It has a low oil shutoff system that protects the engine from any harm or damage.


It has 5 outlets that give connection to different appliances. A 12-volt outlet is used to charge small appliances. It produces a noise of 75dB while it is running which makes it almost a noise-less generator.


DuroStar DS10000E can manage all types of power outages in emergency situations silently and quietly.


Why we should buy it?

  • A silent product
  • Variable outlets
  • Idle control system


Reason for not buying it

  • Bulky


Champion Power Equipment 76533

It is the best generator that is high in portability. It is a cheaper alternative for powering up a variety of tools.


It possesses a 4-stroke 224cc champion engine. It produces adequate power. There are numerous variants available for this generator.


It produces low noise which makes it the quietest generator of all.


There are many power outlets. These outlets help insert the tool into the right device. A volt guard is available that helps in overload protection.


An open frame is available with outlets comprising different AMPs. Surge arrest technology and MX2 technology are lacking in this generator.


This generator possesses a good runtime. It is available in numerous sizes and wattage capacities. A fuel gauge is also there with a remote key fob.


The Champion Power 76533 generator has 3 years limited warranty. They also provide satisfying customer support for any issue.


An intelligent control system is available that monitors the power, voltage, and runtime of the generator.


Why you should buy it?

  • Powerful engine
  • Lightweight design
  • Never-flat rubber tires
  • Assembly tools included
  • Easy transportation


Reasons for not buying it

  • Underpowered


PowerSmart Generator PS50A

This is one of the least powerful generators in the list of best portable generators for construction purposes. This PowerSmart Generator PS50A is highly reasonable and comprises numerous variants. It possesses a 71cc 2-stroke engine. This engine can produce 1000 watts of reliable power.


A gas tank of 1.1-gallon capacity is available. This tank helps in producing consistent power. The power can easily be produced for 5 hours.


The shortcoming of this PowerSmart generator is that it does not come with wheels. because of  the unavailability of this feature, you can’t move it anywhere.


A strong handle is also available which helps in moving the generator easily. It is one of the noiseless generators that are small in size. They are suitable for various adventure activities and your home.


This generator is one of the best portable options with 40 pounds weight. It is also a budget-friendly generator. There are numerous features included in this generator including rubber-inflated tires, electric start, and durability.


It has numerous outlets for remaining safe from dust. This compact generator is easy to use in case of any emergency.


The price tag available on the generator is also very affordable. This generator comes with a two-year warranty which will be a beneficial option for all our consumers.


It also possesses 120-volt household outlets and 12-volt DC output. This DC output helps in charging small devices like tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc.


Why you should buy it?

  • Lightest
  • Mini generator
  • Easy usability
  • Noiseless operation


Reasons for not buying it

  • Underpowered unit


Duromax XP12000EH

This Duromax XP12000EH generator comes with a lightweight, amazing run time and mind-blowing power. It has been an outstanding generator among all its competitors. This generator is highly budget friendly for all consumers.


A dual-fuel tank is also available in this generator. This fuel tank helps to allow you in putting the gas on one side of the tank and propane on another side of the tank. You can fill both with propane or gasoline also. You can use the cheapest fuel type for operating this type of generator.


An electric start button is also available which is used for starting the generator instead of lever pulling.


This generator also has a 4-stroke 574cc OHV engine. It produces EPA and CARB electricity when you start the button.


This generator is environmentally friendly and does not produce any hazardous gases in the atmosphere. 12000 initial watts and 9500 running watts are needed to start the generator. Easily be used as a backup for people who are working on big construction projects.


Its four-stroke OHV engine has a smart switch that is one of the best parts of this generator. The Duromax XP12000EH is a powerful generator that can easily detect low oil levels in the tank. When the level of oil is low then the generator will be turned off immediately.


Why you should buy it?

  • Powerful engine
  • Idle control feature
  • EPA and CARB approved


Reasons for not buying it

  • Slightly heavier


Buying Guide | Best Portable Generator for Construction

If you are unable to choose the right portable generator for construction purposes, then there is a complete buying guide available for the customers. You should consider the complete guide for buying the best portable generators. It will help you in various construction projects.


Following is the complete guide that will be providing you with ultra-quiet generators.



The first and most important factor that counts in purchasing the best portable generators for construction projects is portability. These are best for 24 hours consistent power backup in various construction sites. The portable generators are small in size and are always necessary for your various construction projects.

It is completely based on the requirement of the consumers that which type of generator they are searching for. Numerous portable generators may be heavier or lighter in weight. The heaviest ones cannot move from one place to another. So you must consider the portability of your generator before purchasing it.



This wattage is also an important consideration when buying a generator for construction sites. This wattage is highly needed to power the tools for running efficiently. The construction sites comprise numerous Power Tools. These Power Tools must have the available and required wattage capacity. You should check the wattage capacity of every generator before buying it.


Ease of Use

The generator you are choosing for your construction projects must be easy to use. The usability of all the generators should be checked before purchasing them. Numerous inexpensive generators are low in quality. You should check the efficiency, affordability as well as easiness to use this generator. So select the one that will ensure and fulfill all your desired needs.



You should also check the connectivity feature of your portable generator. It should be easy to connect your camera, phone, or other gadgets with your generator and charge them. You should also consider the quality and nature of the output ports of the generator. These output ports will help charge other devices. The best portable generator will be comprised of a smart USB charging port. This will help you in connecting multiple devices at one time. The generators that offer fast charging facilities should be considered for your construction sites.



It is also one of the best considerations before purchasing a portable generator. The quality of a generator should be checked to ensure the long-term durability of this device. The quality should be good enough that it must not cause any disturbance in any power outage situation. If you want to continue your work with efficiency, then you must buy generators of high quality and standards.


Built-in Material

The generator’s built-in material should also be considered and checked before buying it. They are mostly made of solid matter like steel. Some generators comprise metallic parts as well as plastic parts. So try to check the built-in material and its quality before purchasing the generator.



They should provide safe and secure use of the device. There should be a lock-on protection feature that indicates the safety of your devices.



When you consider portable generators for construction then the price is an essential factor. The generator of high power will be expensive as compared to low-power generators. Correct usability along with price should be checked.



The generator you are going to purchase for construction work should be compatible with other devices. You should check the user manual to check the compatibility of different devices with your generator. It avoids all the inconveniences. So they should be compatible in case of voltage power and all other features.


Ultra Quiet

The generators you are choosing for your construction project should be quiet. Because the construction generators comprise a huge noise as compared to the home-based generators. Numerous portable generators are selected for construction purposes. So you should choose the quietest one for your daily work. It should not provide any inconvenience to the consumer.




What will be the normal price of a construction project generator?

The construction generators come in different price ranges. One of the ideal generators to choose for your construction projects can be bought for under $1000.


What is the appropriate size of the generator required for construction purposes?

The size of the generator is highly dependent on the power requirement on the construction site. The generators you should purchase must be capable of producing a minimum of 8000 watts of power.


What are the uses of generators in the construction field?

A portable generator is highly useful for various construction activities. The portable generator helps in moving here and there easily. It is also useful in powering various devices with the help of your generator.



Here you have been provided with complete information and detail regarding the best portable generator for construction projects. For purchasing the right generator at the right time, you just need to follow the buying guide for the generators. The generator should be user-friendly, affordable, helpful, with high power capacity, etc for your construction projects. Through this information, consumers will be able to choose the best portable generator for construction projects.


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