Best Extension Cord For Generator

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Looking to find the best extension cord for a generator to power your appliances? Extension cords are designed to manage power between the generator and plugged appliances.


Here a question arises about do you actually need a special extension cord for a generator


But when it comes to choosing an extension cord for a generator, it becomes very hard. Many extension cords are available. The plenty of options might confuse you. You can’t select an extension cord randomly as there are many other factors that you must take into consideration.


Cords are available in different gauges and lengths. Besides length and gauge, we need to check the reliability of an extension code.


There is copper wire between an extension code. The thickness of this copper wire also matters. Always choose a thick wire code. AG 8, AWG14, AWG12, AWG10, and AWG 16 are the standard thickness level of an extension cord.


Some buyers still find it a tough task to choose a code for their generator. If you are one of them, hold tight as we are going to review the 4 best extension cords for a generator. The pros and cons of each code are added.


Top 4 Best Extension Cord For Generators + Reviews

So, just keep reading and get the perfect extension cord for a generator.


If you are in a hurry, you can go with our Top pick Extension Cord.


Top Pick Extension Cord for a Generator

Champion Power Equipment 48034 – Best Extension Cord For Generator

  • Wire Gauge: 30/10 AWG
  • Operating Current: 30A
  • Voltage:125V
  • Maximum:1875W
  • Length:25ft


We have tried many extension cords and found the Champion cord the best in the market. This cord is overall the best extension code and has a 25 ft length. Which is a good length so far.  It is a reliable cord that can bear extreme heat and cold.


Table Of 4 Best Extension Cord For Generator

Product Plug Type Wire Gauge Operating Current Voltage Max Wattage Length
Champion Power Equipment 48034 L5-30P to three 5-15R 10/3 AWG 30 A 125 V 1875 W 25 ft
Watt’s Wire male to three 5-15R 12/3 AWG 15 A 125 V 1875 W 75 ft
Vevor N14-50P to CS6364 6/3+ 8/1 AWG 50 A 125/250 V 12500 W 50 ft
RVGUARD L14-30P to L14-30R 10/4 AWG 30 A 125/250 V 7500 W 50 ft

Champion Power Equipment 48034: Reliable Extension Cord For Generator

Champion is the best generator-making brand that is well-known for making excellent and top-notch quality generators. Now, we are going to review the champion extension cord for the generator.  Let’s explore the features of the 25ft lengthy extension cord.


Features and Specifications

Champion provides a 25 ft long extension cord. This extension cord is 30 AMP for 125/250V.


It is perfect in times of emergency. It can bear extreme weather. Moreover, the cord is covered with long-lasting outdoor-rated insulation. It is protected with thermoplastic that keeps the cord safe from high and low temperatures.


It is a 10-wire gauge cord. You can use this cord for up to 3750 watts of generators.


You can utilize the code at 120/250 voltage. The champion cord is weather-resistant. Use it freely in harsh weather. But make sure that you keep the cord away from water.


To use this cord, you will attach one end to the generator. The other side has 3 outlets. They can carry up to 15 amps each.


Most cords do not come with a warranty period. But this is not so with this champion cord. It gives 1 year of warranty and lifetime technical support. Most users like this feature and go with this brand. After buying this extension cord, you can use it freely. If you face any problem, the warranty will cover it.


Thanks to the Champion for this peace of mind!



  • Weather-resistant cord; can be used in harsh weather too
  • Lifetime technical support
  • One year of warranty
  • It can handle large appliances too
  • The cord is protected with a thermoplastic jacket
  • Unique and safe design



  • Heavyweight and does not come with a fuse breaker


Watt’s Wire: Best Cord For Jobsite Generator

If you are looking for a long extension cord for your generator, you should choose a watt’s wire. Its length is 75ft which makes it perfect for construction work and job sites. It gives you the flexibility to move.


Features & Specifications

The cord can handle up to 15A and 1875W. You can power most of the appliances by connecting the extension cord to your generator.


It provides heavy-duty lighted triplet outlets. It means you can connect 3 thick cords at a time.


Lighted outlets help you know when power is connected. You can find your cord even in the dark. Interesting!


Watt’s wire cord has some other excellent features too. For example, this incredible cord won’t kink and uncoil flat every time. It has heavy gauge soft-drawn copper cabling.


It is an SJTW heavy cord with Poly standing for additional strength.


12 Gauge-lighted triplet outlets help you get the required power indoors or outdoors.


This waterproof 75 ft long extension cord works perfectly with generators and other power tools.


You can use it on a job site, office, campsite, home, and wherever you need power.


This high-quality power cord is UL certified and gives lifetime satisfaction if you face manufacturing faults.


This extension cord for the generator is fire and moist-resistant with built-in strain-relief and unbreakable molded NEMA 5-15 (US) plugs.



  • Outlets allow the plugging of thick cords
  • The Indicator Light feature let you know when the plug is connected to the power
  • The cord is made with SJTW thermoplastic



  • Can power heavy appliances


Vevor: Heavy Duty Extension Cord For Generators

Looking for a heavy-duty extension cord for the generator? Right? Look no further as we have Vevor on our list. This 50Amp 125/250V extension cord works fine with heavy generators. Let’s review the features of this impressive cord.


Features & Specifications

Through this heavy-duty cord, you can easily transfer power from the generator to the nearest switch box.


This extension cord has a maximum of 12500 watts. 50ft length is suitable for long-distance work. Power your RV and car through your generator with the help of this extension cord.


This cord has an STW feature. It means it is weather-resistant, has thermoplastic insulation, and hard service code. These features enable you to use this code indoors and outdoors. Weather-resistant traits will help you use the code in all weather conditions.


This flexible cable is waterproof and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 194°F.


This pure copper wire has passed UL certification and it has 10/3 heavy-duty cable.


Now, let’s talk about its specifications.


NEMA 60-50 is plug type and has a 10 AWG wire gauge. 220V is the rated voltage and the operating temperature is -20°C to 60°C.


Item weight is 6.54 pounds and this extension cord comes with a 1 year of manufacturer warranty.


This is an extensive usage cord and can be used at home, at work, RV, and outdoors.



  • Waterproof
  • Weather resistant
  • Heavy duty cord
  • STW feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can transfer 12500 watts



  • Sometimes, the cord doesn’t stay tight when it is plugged in


RVGUARD – Suitable Extension Cord for RV and Manual transfer switch

Do you love RV?  Yes?  Never stop your adventure because of power issues.


We are here to sort out your power issues. This extension cord is fourth on our list and is perfect for powering an RV. It can be your reliable mate in RV. Let’s discover the features of the RVGUARD cord.


Features & Specification

This extension is a heavy-duty cord with an LED power indicator. This LED power indicator informs you when the cord is connected to the power source.


This cord is 100% copper wiring and highly reliable. Another amazing feature is the weather-resistant trait. No matter where you are and what the weather condition is, you can still use this extension to stay powered.


It is easy to plug and unplug. The strong green plug is designed to keep your fingers away from the power socket.


Let’s check its specifications.


It has NEMA 14-50P male plug and NEMA SS2-50R. Voltages are 125/250. The Max power rate is 6250 watts (125V) / and 12500 Watts (250V).


This cord is 50ft long which makes it highly flexible to work. It is excellent for long-distance work.


When you buy this extension, you’ll get a 50A cord, storage bag, and cord organizer.


This cord is perfect for RV and can be used for a manual transfer switch. You can transfer power from the generator to the home main switch directly. It can light up your house in a minute.



  • Manual transfer switch
  • Twist lock
  • LED indicator
  • 50ft long cord
  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy duty cord
  • STW feature
  • Comes with a storage organizer and a bag



  • Expensive


Best Extension Cord For Generator Buying Guide

It is an exhausting job to figure out what kind of cord will work best with the generator.  You’ll have to check the compatibility of a cord along with a few other aspects. We chose the Top 4 best extension cords for the generator. Their features and pros and cons are also mentioned. So, you can make a decision easily.


But still, if you find it hard to select a cord, go through our buying guide. We are going to cover a few important points that you should keep in mind while purchasing an extension cord for a generator.


Important Features of an extension Cord for generator

There are a few important features that you keep in mind while choosing an extension cord for a generator. Check the gauge, length, amperage, wattage limit, plug type, and material of a cord.


The gauge of an extension Cord Generator

Gauge is another aspect that can’t be ignored. Gauge is the thickness of the wire. If you do not know much about the gauge, let us clarify it first. Gauge is measured as an American wire gauge. You should always go with a lower AWG number. A lower gauge number means that the wire will be thick. If the gauge number is high it means the wire is thinner.


As we will select a thicker wire, the gauge number should be low. It should not exceed 12 figures.


AWG 14, AWG 12, AWG 10, and AWG 8 are the standard gauge numbers.


Always go with a thicker cord, because it can handle more power.


Length of an Extension Cord for the Generator

The Length of an extension cord should not exceed 50 ft. The long cord creates high resistance and it results in voltage drops which can make a generator hotter and less efficient.


Amperage and wattage limit

Amperage and wattage limit depends on the gauge. You can check the amperage limit for three wire extension cords.

  • 16 AWG = 10 amps
  • 14 AWG = 15 amps
  • 12 AWG = 20 amps
  • 10 AWG = 30 amps


You should keep this number in your mind. Because any mistake can cause fire hazards. For example, if you use 16 AWG cords for a 15 amp device, the cord will get hot and you may face issues.


For wattage and amperage, you can get guidance from the below-mentioned table.

Extension Cord AMP Watts Volts
14/3 max. 15 1800 120
12/3 max. 20 2400 120
10/3 max. 30 3600 120

The “/3” describes the 3 wires in the extension cords’ insulation.


Plug Types

First, you need to check the home outlet type and type of jack on the generator. NEMA 1 (two-prong) and NEMA 5-15R (three-prong) are the most common outlets in the home in the USA.


After analyzing the outlet, find the cord that can match your generator’s outlet.


However, here is a pro tip; if you can’t find a cord that can be connected to your generator, use a converter and the plug type.


Extension Cord Material and type

Extension cords are made with thermoset, thermoplastic elastomer, or thermoplastic.


Each of these has its benefits.


For example, the thermoset cord is durable and has a thick rubber jacket.


The thermoplastic elastomer works well in low temperatures and the thermoplastic cord can be used for a short period.


Some cords are weather resistant and water-resistant. So, if you are planning to use a cord outside, choose a weather-resistant cord.


Security tips for using an extension cord for a generator

Keep these safety tips in mind while using a cord.

  • Make sure you connect a power cord to the GFCI outlet.
  • If you want to use an extension cord outside, make sure you have got a water-resistant cord.
  • Keep the outlets of a generator covered when they are in use.
  • A generator cord should not be used on a walkway or driveway to avoid damage.
  • Never use a male-to-male cord.
  • Don’t put carpet and other stuff on top of the extension cord.
  • A damaged cable should not be used.



How can I connect an extension Cord from a generator to a house?

You can easily connect your generator to a house. Plug the extension cord into a generator outlet. The other end of the cord can be plugged into a domestic outlet.


How can I ground my generator?

It is very important to ground a generator. You can ground it in two ways. First, you can ground a generator by connecting it to your house wiring. You can use a grounding rod as well to ground the generator. Drive the rod into the ground and use a grounding wire to connect a generator.


What should be the length of an extension cord? 

The length of the power cord depends on your need. If you want to do long-distance work, you require a lengthy cord. However, we recommend a maximum of 100 ft cord to be used with a generator.


Is it necessary to have a special extension cord for a generator? 

Yes, you need a proper extension cord to connect it to a generator. You need to analyze if your cord is compatible with your generator. Make sure the generator AC supply matches the AC power requirements of an appliance that will be powered.


What gauge extension cord is suitable for a refrigerator to a generator?

Use a heavy-duty cord to plug a refrigerator into a generator. It is recommended to use a 12 gauge wire to perform this task.


Can we use two extension cords with the same generator?

Yes, you can use more than one extension cord with the same generator. The connection of cords depends on the number of AC outlets in your generator. But we suggest not using more than three extensions with your generator. This precaution keeps you on the safe side.


Is it possible to connect two generator cords?

No, it is not good to connect two generator extension cords.



We hope that you have completed these 4 best extension cords for the generator guide. Now you have a better understanding of everything and you know what factors you should consider while making a decision.


Remember, if you examine the power needs of your generator, cord length, gauge, and type of outlet, you’ll be able to find the best extension cord for your generator.


You can make this cord-finding task easy with a little research and with the help of this article. We have added features to each of the products. Not only this but a comprehensive buying guide is also added. The guide will assist you to check the features of the cord and choose the perfect one for your generator.


We hope we added all the important aspects of the cord and have not missed any crucial points. Now, you can select an extension cord for a generator confidently.

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