Best Oil For Generator

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Do you know that your generator needs high-quality oil so that you can keep it running? So, it is a must-have thing to buy the best oil for a generator when you are going to buy a generator. Best quality oil makes sure that your generator will last longer.

Best Oil For Generator

It is mandatory to maintain an optimal level of oil in your generator. You should not compromise on oil as it can result in serious damage. Substandard oil can damage your generator engine.

We know how hard it is to get the perfect lubricant for your generator. You might have a few questions in your mind. You must be thinking about whether you use 10W-30, 5W-30, or SAE 30 oil.

Do not worry; our experts know the answers to these questions. We compiled a list of the 5 best oils for generators. Our best Oil generator guide will help you to choose the perfect oil so that you do not have to sit in the darkness.

Let’s discuss the best oil for generators without any further delay.


Our Top Pick Best Oil For Generators

 SAE 10W-30  TOP 2-STROKE  SAE 5W-30   SAE 15W-40  TOP SAE 30 
Honda Motor OilHusqvarna XP+Generac FS OilShell ROTELLABriggs & Stratton
Mineral OilSynthetic Blend100% Synthetic OilSynthetic BlendMineral Oil
SN (API class)TC (JASO FD)SN (API class)CK-4 (API class)SJ (API class)
4Stroke2-Stroke4 Stroke4Stroke4-Stroke

Top 5 Best Oil For Generators + Shopping Guide

  1. HONDA Oil: BEST SAE 10W-30 Oil For Generator
  2. GENERAC MOTOR OIL: BEST SAE 5W-30 OIL For Generator


HONDA Oil: BEST SAE 10W-30 Oil For Generator

  • SAE 10W-30
  • Mineral Oil
  • 4 Stroke
  • SN (API class)
HONDA Oil: BEST SAE 10W-30 Oil For Generator

The Honda is a Famous brand that is known for making top-class products. Let’s see the qualities of this Honda Engine oil.


Features & Specifications

This Honda oil is designed for a high-revving 4-stroke engine. Keep your generator running and in a good condition with this unique blend of costly sheer-stable polymer additives.

Honda oil has top-class base stock and is designed to resist viscosity and thermal breakdown.

Honda oil is made to exceed all requirements for API service classifications SN.

This top-notch quality oil is designed to meet the requirements of your power equipment.

This Honda oil has 10W-30 and 2 Quarts liquid volume. Flashpoint is 200 Degrees Celsius.

It is Non- synthetic engine oil and suitable for all the power equipment that has a 4-cycle engine.

As per the American Petroleum Institute, it is an SN oil. It is the best oil for generators nowadays. Using quality oil will exceed your engine life and efficiency and Honda is one of the best options to use.


  • Honda is a well-known brand that makes quality products
  • It is a quick lubrication
  • It meets SN/API


  • Nonsynthetic
  • High price



  • SAE 5W-30
  • 4Stroke
  • 100% Synthetic Oil
  • SN (API class)

Generac is another famous brand that you can trust. This Generac motor oil is fully synthetic and ideal for all gasoline-powered generators. Time to check out the features of this best oil for generators.


Features & Specifications

It is 32 Fluid Ounces liquid volume generator oil and comes in a bottle.

Its viscosity is 5w-30. It is a high-quality synthetic base fortified with an advanced additive that gives longer life to your generator engine.

This Generac engine oil exceeds the API SN service classification requirement and is perfect for all gasoline generators.

This engine oil is highly recommended for cold-climate generators. Generac engine oil makes sure the generator starts easily in cold weather.

It gives ultimate protection against viscosity breakdown. Moreover, it protects against the formation of sludge and Varnish deposits.

The model number of this engine oil is FBA_0J5140. Item weight is 1.95 pounds and dimensions are ‎8.5 x 4 x 2 inches.

Buying the Generac oil will give you relief and increase the lifespan of your generator.


  • Oil is specially made for generators
  • Exceed high API Class
  • It protects against deposits
  • Give protection against viscosity breakdown


  • In warmer climates, oil consumption becomes high.



  • SAE 15W-40
  • Synthetic Blend
  • CK-4 (API class)
  • 4 Stroke

Shell Rotella is the best oil for generators. It is the perfect lubricant for diesel generators. It can bear high temperatures. Shell Rotella offers the best result at a nominal price.


Features & Specifications

Shell Rotella is a synthetic blend of 15W-40 diesel engine oil. It has triple protection plus technology against the deposit, oil breakdown, and wear.

Shell Rotella oil improves low-temperature flow. This oil works perfectly with on-highway fleets. It is an ideal choice for construction generators and agricultural machinery and diesel pickup trucks.

Its enhanced oxidation performance protects oil breakdown under high temperatures. This formulation is more effective and useful as compared to the previous formula.

This improved shell Rotella oil is best for high vehicles that need heat resistance and stress.

It provides 37% better than the maximum wear requirements.

Shell Rotella oil is categorized as Ck-4 as per the American petroleum institute.

This oil is perfect as it lowers fuel consumption and reduces the energy level of a generator. Shell Rotella is ideal if you are on a tight budget as it is a budget-friendly option.


  • Low oil breakdown
  • Gives low fuel consumption
  • Budget-friendly
  • Famous oil brand
  • Exceeds highest API class


  • The oil is only for diesel engines



  • SAE 30
  • Mineral Oil
  • SJ (API class)
  • 4Stroke

Briggs & Stratton is a famous generator brand which is known for making portable generators. Its product is certified and perfect for your generator if you live in a warmer climate.


Features & Specifications

This US-based Briggs & Stratton product has 48 fluid ounces of liquid volume. Viscosity is SAE 30.

This is a high-quality oil that is classified as SJ/CD by the American Petroleum Institute. The product is certified and suggested to use in all Briggs & Stratton manuals.

It is an ideal choice for today’s engines.

This product is approved by Briggs and Stratton engineers and it meets the requirements of a 4-cycle engine.

Briggs & Stratton oil is specially designed for high operating temperatures and air-cooled engines.


  • Perfect for warmer temperature
  • Certified product
  • Mineral oil
  • API SJ/CD classified


  • Oil has a heavy Sulphuric smell that can be irritating for some people.



  • Synthetic Blend
  • TC (JASO FD)
  • 2-Stroke

If you are looking for oil for a 2-stroke engine, look no further as we come with HUSQVARNA XP+ engine oil. Let’s check out the features of this best oil generator.


Features & Specifications

HUSQVARNA XP+ oil includes a fuel stabilizer and comes with low oil temperature and low smoke formation.

It has less coating on the piston and in the crankcase. This high-performance oil extends engine life.

This synthetic blend design is ideal for professional usage. It is a tested and approved oil developed with premium additives.

This oil is JASO-FD certified. It ensures the fulfillment of the toughest oil standard. It provides a balance of engine lubricity and low smoke formula and prevents premature engine bearing failure.

The item’s weight is 2.88 ounces and the dimensions are ‎7 x 7 x 7 inches. The product comes in a bottle which is convenient to use.


  • Best for 2-stroke engines
  • Synthetic blend
  • Low smoke formula
  • Low operating temperature
  • JASO-FD certified


  • Only suitable for 2-stroke engines


Comprehensive Shopping Guide – Buying Guide of Best Oil For Generator 2023

There are many available options for generator oil in the market. You’ll have to choose the oil according to your generator. Because if you put the wrong oil in your generator, it can lead to serious damage. You need to be careful while choosing oil for the generator.

There are so many factors that must be taken into consideration. However, if you are an experienced person, you must be well aware of these different oil brands and their qualities. But do not worry – we’ll guide you on how to choose an oil if you are an inexperienced person.

Stay connected with this buyer guide and get the best oil for your generator.


Read Generator User Guide

Generally, customers throw the generator’s user guides away. But let us tell you the user guide is the most important directory that you must read. A user’s guide or owner guide often comes with your generator. In this guide, you’ll find every kind of information you need regarding the generator.

So, we suggest you take time and read the user’s guide. For engine oil, check the maintenance section of your user manual. There, you can check which oil will be suitable for your generator. It will make selection easy.

If you are unable to find your user manual, you can download it through the official website of your generator.


Oil Viscosity

The second most important thing that can’t be ignored is the oil viscosity. Again, you’ll have to check the user manual to understand the viscosity of the generator.

SAE 10W-30 oil type works perfectly in most generators. We recommend using 10W-30 oil from Honda Oil which is the best oil for generators. However, its price is a con as it is a little overpriced for some people.

The SAE is an acronym which is developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Besides SAE, the rest of the code relates to the viscosity of motor oil.

In the SAE 10-W 30 oil type, the W refers to the winters and 10-w explains how well can this oil perform during cold weather.

It is a pro tip to select SJ, SL, SM, or SN-classified oil types according to the American Petroleum Institute.

Always make sure you pour top-notch quality oil into your generator because a wrong choice can ruin your generator.


Operating Temperature

Operating temperature is another important factor that you should keep in mind. Check the temperature of the place where you are going to use the generator. In cold weather, a Synthetic 5W-30 oil will be best to use. But it is highly oil-consuming because of the high operating temperature.

Are you still unclear? You do not know what oil will suit you according to your weather condition? Check these below-mentioned recommendations for a better understanding of weather and generator oil type.

Above 32°F (0°C), SAE 30 is a great choice. If the temperature is below 40°F and down to -10F°, use 10W-30.

Synthetic 5W-30 is suitable for all temperatures. For better working of a generator, it is advised to change the oil after 20-30 hours of operation.


Engine Type Of Your Generator

Understanding the engine type of your generator can also help you to make a decision. There are 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine-type generators. Both engine types need a different oil. You can’t use the same oil on the 2-stoke and 4-stroke engines.

But most generators use a 4-stroke engine type. Only a few of them use a 2-stroke engine.

In a 4-stroke engine, you need to use oil and fuel separately. However, on a 2-stroke engine, oil and fuel are poured in a recommended ratio or you can buy a pre-mixed solution from the market and use it.


Choose a Reliable Brand

This is the last purchasing tip. You should never go with a cheaper option. Always choose a reliable and well-known oil brand. Because cheap oil can enhance your worries.

These are reliable brands that you can consider and can trust.



Is it harmful to use too little and too much oil in a generator?

Let’s be honest, these are harmful to your generator. If you put in too much oil, it can cause oil leakage. Sometimes, extra oil can increase the resistance of your generator. With Too much oil, the engine part won’t be optimized and it can cause increased wear.

On the other side, if the oil level is too low, it affects the efficiency of the generator. You’ll have to face the low oil alarm and shorter run time. Low oil increases the engine burning risk too. it could be very dangerous. We suggest you maintain an adequate level of oil in your generator.


Is it a good idea to use different brands of oil in a generator?

First of all, look into the user manual and check out the oil recommendation. If there are certain oil suggestions regarding a brand or oil viscosity, we recommend you strictly follow the suggestions.

However, when there are no oil or brand recommendations, it is advised to choose a top brand’s oil recommended in this guide. When it comes to a generator, never take a risk and always try to be on the safe side.


What is the major difference between single-grade and multigrade ratings?

Single-grade rating only describes the weight of the oil which affects the viscosity of the oil. For example, SAE 30. The single-grade rating doesn’t explain the properties and features of oil.

While on the other side, the multi-grade rating shows the features and properties of oil in a better way. For example, 10W-30. In this code, 10 refers to the oil viscosity in cold weather.


Can synthetic oil be used in a generator? 

There is a simple answer to this question. Yes! You can use synthetic oil in a gas-powered generator. It won’t harm your generator. When this type of oil was introduced, some generator engines faced heating issues with this oil. But this is not so now. In the current era, synthetic oil works perfectly with all generators.

There is only one drawback of this oil type. It is an expensive oil that is out of the reach of most people. If we compare its price with conventional oil, we’ll find it comparatively higher.


When should we change the oil in my generator?

It is a good habit to change the oil of your generator because it helps to prevent any harm to your generator. Changing oil also expands the life of your generator.

There is a common perception that oil should be changed after 20-30 hours and after 100 hours of run time. Some generators have a run time meter. You can check the run time there and change the oil accordingly. If your generator doesn’t come with a run time meter, check it manually.

We advise you to follow the instructions written in the generator manual to avoid any defects.



There are many oil brands. They produce different oils with various features. All oil is usable. But some of them won’t suit your generator. Because these oils come with different weights and other features.  So, technically, they are not equal. It means you can’t choose any oil randomly and pour it directly into your generator. We know that it is hard to choose when several options can confuse you. But with a little research and with the help of this guide you can pick the top-notch oil.

We advise you to read the instructions in your user manual and understand your generator oil type. Besides this, our list of the 5 best oils for generators can be helpful for you. Because these 5 oils are our top picks and tested by our experts.

We are sure that these best 5 oil generators won’t let you down. Above all, we included a comprehensive shopping guide that will assist you to get the best out of plenty of options.

Ready to make a purchase? Go ahead and buy one. Never sit in the dark and start your generator when you need it!

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