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Looking for the best ozone generators for hunting? You do not need to wander further around. We did our research to make a list of great choices of ozone generators from which you can buy.

From the top of our list of products, we will discuss what can an ozone generator do.

We have made a table for you, from where you can have a great look at the features of the ozone generator. After that, you will explore a buying guide to get clear instructions, and then finally you will have Frequently Asked Questions about the best ozone generators for hunting.

Best Ozone Generators For Hunting

The typical use of an ozone generator for which it is particularly designed to generate Ozone Gas. Ozone gas is used to effectively purify water. In order to purify the water, ozone must have to react at high levels in the air to eliminate air pollutants.

As per the Health Experts, you must control the limitations of ozone generators because they can be very harmful to living things and can also have a destructive effect on organic compounds.

Let’s dive into the Buying Guide through which you will come to know which is the Best Ozone Generator For Hunting purposes.

 Our Top Pick Ozone Generator 2023 

Mammoth 5000mg Ozone Generator

Mammoth 5000mg Ozone Generator

The Mammoth 5000mg is the best budgeted portable ozone generator. We have placed this Ozone Portable generator on our Top Pick list just because of its price tag.

It is best for odor neutralizing from cigarette smoke to pets, it has the best feature to control odor at your home and best choice for your hunting purposes.

Mammoth 5000mg Ozone generator can run for up to 120 minutes and comes with a handle that is easy to carry around. Because of these features, it has become the most convenient and best-budgeted portable ozone generator on which you can invest your money. If you are willing to carry such a great ozone generator, then it will not be your wrong choice to spend money.


Top Rated 8 Best Ozone Generators For Hunting + Reviews

After great research, we have picked the top-rated best ozone generators for hunting on our list. In the following table, we have set ozone generators price-wise. So, you can have a glance at all the best ozone generators for hunting reasons.

Enerzen Ozone GeneratorEnerzen Ozone Generator - Editor’s Choice10
Alpine Air Commercial Ozone GeneratorAlpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator10
Airthereal Ozone MA 10K-PROAirthereal Ozone MA 10K-PRO - Versatile Portable Generator For Hunting9.5
Ivation Ozone Generator – Air PurifierIvation Ozone Generator – Air Purifier9.5
Airthereal MA5000Airthereal MA5000 - Great Performance9
Mammoth 5000 Mg Ozone GeneratorMammoth 5000 Mg Ozone Generator9.5
Wildgame Innovations Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field GeneratorWildgame Innovations Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator9
OdorStop OS3500UVOdorStop OS3500UV - Washable Filter9

Enerzen Ozone Generator Best Ozone Generator For Hunting

“Editor’s Choice”

Enerzen Ozone Generator

Enerzen is a famous and highly remarkable brand. The Enerzen Ozone generator is placed in the first place on our list because of its innovative technology for hunting purposes.

It comes in a small size so that you can place it anywhere in a little space. The Enerzen Ozone generator offers a circuit board having 11,00 mg per hour speed with the exciting effect of ozone output. 

Enerzen ozone generator does not require air to pass through a machine in order to prevent unwanted odors as some industrial air purifier needs that.

The Ozone released from the generator does contact with the contaminants, then it shows its magic and prevents us from offensive odor. The great effect of having this ozone generator is it eliminates prolonged odor in your area.

Features and Specifications

You cannot only do decontamination during your hunting days, but you can also use the Enerzen Ozone generator for your bathrooms. Boats, cars, floods, and those areas which are affected by the fire as well.

I would like to highlight here that this ozone generator also eliminates the odor of animal particles as many people have pets that remain every time inside their houses.

That is why this technology has become the need of every house to deal with the offensive odors of animals. Furthermore, if we talk about hunting then it will also protect your hunting spot.

This Ozone generator can be operated very easily, you just need to turn the time knob in order to run it for up to three hours.

A little More Features – Great!

When you turn it on, it suddenly will start to expel ozone. Now you do not need to worry because animals will not smell you. After releasing Ozone, you can leave the area easily.

When its timer is about to reach an end, in that time duration it maintains the scent-eliminate atmosphere. You can also start this ozone generator again after some time, a little time interval is required to start it again because this scent killer generator is very harmful to wildlife.

If we combine all its amazing jobs, Enerzen is the best ozone generator for hunting purposes that provides great power to do a great job. In addition to that, it is such a quiet unit and offers 2 rechargeable batteries and a USB charging port.


  • Best Runtime.
  • Great Fan Speed.
  • Easy to Use.


  • Heavy to handle.
  • Does not offer wireless features.
  • NO HEPA Filter Traps are available.

Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator For Hunting

“Versatile Portable Generator For Hunting”

Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator

Alpine Air Ozone generator is such a portable one that it is quite easy to operate, small, and convenient. Its consistent odor-controlling feature makes it more reliable and practical. It comes with the most powerful odor-neutralization machine as compared to the other best ozone generators for hunting.

Because of its great features, you can also use it at home as it is more effective for hunting purposes as well. Most people believe that Ozone generators have harmed hunting and it can be seen after research that it’s true.

The ozone generator allows you to eliminate human scent in the area in which you are hunting and eliminates the odor of the animal that you have hunted.


Features and Specifications

This best ozone generator for hunting from the Alpine brand comes with a high output of 10,000 mg and a low output of 5,000 mg.

The most amazing feature that you should know about this machine, this is the only one such ozone generator in the market that you can adjust for two levels of ozone production. You can operate it for continuous usage and will be best for your use.

Even without opening the machine, you can clean this generator very easily with just an ozone change adapter.

As it is much more convenient to clean. So, it has proved to be the hunter’s best friend during hunting seasons. When a person asks a question why do you want this Alpine best ozone generator for hunting? The great feature of the easy cleaning system suddenly will pop out in my mind.


A little More Features – Great!

No doubt, ozone generators are not such a thing that we buy on a daily basis. So, that’s why buying an ozone generator for hunting from the best brand has become necessary. But due to the features of the Alpine brand and its providing sales and services for more than 10 plus years, you can trust this brand.

The purpose of writing this is only that you can buy your product with great confidence!

By using this ozone generator in outdoor activity, you will get controlled scents and it will also make you sure to eliminate the longer-lasting smells. This is the best portable hunting generator, and can easily be set up as well.


  • AC and DC power source.
  • Great Value to Money.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A little Noisy.

Airthereal Ozone MA 10K-PRO Generator For Hunting

“Versatile Portable Generator For Hunting”

Airthereal Ozone MA 10K-PRO Ozone Generator

In our Top-Rated List, we have placed Airthereal Ozone MA10K-PRO at third rank. It is such a yellow color cute yellow ozone generator that you can use it during your hunting to make it successful.

You do not need to worry seeing its tiny size, it works at a 10,000 mg per hour fan speed which is much better than a lot of large-size generators.

The small size of this generator would be easy for you because such generators in the market are not easy to carry around.

Moreover, the Airthereal Ozone generator offers the best industrial-grade honeycomb ozone plate. The great feature is it emits more consistent ozone output offering an amazing efficiency as compared to ordinary ozone generator plates. At regular maintenance, you will not have any complaints about your plates.


Features and Specifications

Furthermore, the great feature which it comes with is that its fan runs in a super quiet mode so you will never get disturbed at all. And for sure, during hunting purposes, a silent generator is a basic need because you don’t want any noise to attract the attention of other creatures.

As a matter of fact, professional hunters love to hunt by having this generator because it greatly helps in hunting to scent elimination.

It comes with an effective feature of deodorization, its emitted ozone neutralizes all sorts of odors like pets, cooking, smoking, and other odors.

The Airthereal generator is quite neat, and you can have it in your houses, kitchens, pet shops, vehicles, and in your restaurants.


A little More Features – Great!

This would be your best choice if you want to have such sort of machine. It would be your worth investment in regular hunting trips as this ozone generator from the Airthereal brand is simple and neat.

It provides you the battery time to work for up to 120 minutes, which is feasible for your single hunting session.

This ozone generator comes with a knob that is easy to operate. You simply need to turn on the knob to set ozone to emit time, we make sure to not breathe in that area where ozone is started to emit because it may harm your lungs. You must be better to leave that place immediately after ozone starts to emit.

Whatever ozone generator you are using, you must operate an ozone generator without the presence of humans in many spaces, and in the absence of plants and animals. You need to remove all your houseplants to save them.

Because of its features, it attracts new hunters in order to scent elimination which makes it the best hunting tool. On the other hand, it will be worth investing money in it.

As always, the high price tag hits me because we try to put the best generators on our top list.


  • Best for small spaces.
  • You can set it up in multiple spots.
  • Easily to carry.


  • Does not offer cycle mode.
  • You cannot do Fan adjustment.

Ivation Ozone Generator For Hunting – Air Purifier

“Best Air Quality”

Ivation Ozone Generator – Air Purifier

The Ivation Ozone Generator comes with three-in-one features i.e., ionizer, purifier, and deodorizer. This ozone generator can purify an area of up to 3500 sq. ft.

It seems like a radio, but we assure you it’s not real.

This generator removes odor very quickly and produces continuous and consistent output.

You can say it is a plasma ion field generator, as it emits negative ions in order to purify the air for up to 3500 sq. ft. and does space control all the time. Its dust control feature makes it the best under the commercial ozone generator field.


Features and Specifications

By having this product you will always get peak performance by having this ozone generator for hunting reasons.

You cannot match its performance with other ozone generators in the market which makes it unmatchable.

You will get quality ozone by having this generator, It releases activated oxygen which eliminates odors from a climate like mildew, paint, food, pets, etc. It gives out ozone with such perfection just because of its industrial-grade material and plates working seamlessly. We are sure that you are not going to find a more efficient scent-shattering ozone generator as compared to this one.


A little More Features – Great!

You will find this portable ozone generator very much helpful and effective anywhere but particularly during your hunting time. Whether you are in elk hunting, or any other sort of animal hunting fortunately this ozone generator will do effective work for you.

If you don’t have an ozone generator for your next hunting routine, then I would recommend this ozone generator to you. You will thank me and find out the answer to your question about why you should spend money on this ozone generator for hunting during your hunting sessions.

This ozone generator comes with an attractive and durable design. Furthermore, it has a wood exterior made with stainless steel. Its durability is mind-blowing even the people who are already using it can confirm it as well.

Moreover, this generator will retune your mood and give you energy, providing a refreshing smell. It will be a great machine to put in your house, in small rooms, and even in offices.

You can adjust its output in a high and low mode, you will be surprised by checking its affordable price and best performance compared to expensive ozone generators for hunting.

You can have a timer for up to 1 hour, as it comes with a great focus on the best performance.


  • Best air quality.
  • Fan speed can be set accordingly.
  • Offers dust control system.


  • Big in size.
  • Comes with a wired connection.

Airthereal MA5000

“Great Performance”

Airthereal MA5000

The Airthereal MA5000 is on our fourth number in the list of best ozone generators for hunting. It seems to be the best commercial ozone generator in the industry. While operating it works very fast and removes smell providing great efficiency.

This Airthereal generator comes up with a fan speed of 5000 mg/h, which can efficiently eliminate the odor of smoke and along with volatile organic compounds.

You will need to use it two times a week if you want to have healthy air in your home. But we will not recommend it to use it at home as our main intention for hunting reasons.


Features and Specification

Same as other ozone generators, this Airthereal generator has been proven to work great in an open space. It would be beneficial to allow humans and animals in their radius after working for half an hour.

It is made with industrial-level materials. So, it emits the best level of ozone that removes pollutants from the air.

During your hunting day when you are out of your house, this is a quite cool generator that you should carry along with you just because it refrains from molds in that area where it starts running.


A little More Features – Great!

To be honest, the overgrown molds create very bad smells and are harmful to your health as well. Hence, this generator is something special that provides you with clean air.

This generator allows you to carry it anywhere during your hunting seasons because of its lightweight. It does not require assembly parts and much quite simple to operate. It’s made of solid material that provides the best performance, the Airthereal MA5000 is far from our expectations.

This generator emits such strong ozone which does deodorization and removes itchy odors from cooking, pets, and smoke. After running this device, all the smell went out from that area.

It comes with a traditional dial timer which makes it handy to operate, You can set the timer for up to two hours or like 120 minutes and can set it to emit ozone continuously.

As mentioned before, after turning it on you must leave that place because it will be harmful to your vital organs.


  • Required low amount of energy.
  • Ergonomic Handle grip.
  • One year warranty.


  • Covers less area during emission.

Mammoth 5000 Mg Ozone Generator

“Our Top Pick Ozone Generator”

Mammoth 5000 Mg Ozone Generator

The Mammoth 5000 mg ozone generator is such a compact machine that provides the best performance.

If you are a part of such a community that loves hunting and you also want to have an ozone generator, then go for a Mammoth 5000 mg ozone generator along with an air purifier.

You must bring this Mammoth generator with you during hunting as it will make your sessions much easier.

This ozone generator removes all the bad odors from water damage, smoke, pets, and even unwanted odors. As we don’t want any unwanted odor from our homes and our rooms Mammoth has proved to be very effective for swirling winds that eliminate those odors.


Features and Specifications

It comes with a handle grip that makes it easy to carry and a sleek design. You may carry it any place because of its handle grip.

As it is too lightweight, you do not need to worry during your hunting sessions. You can put it in your every type of ride as it does not contain much weight and space.

The Mammoth ozone generator does not require maintenance and comes with such a low cost and is small so that you can carry it around with you.

Because of its lightweight feature, you can put it on a tree and on a sloppy surface having an adjustable mount without any tension of falling and breaking it.

You can use this ozone generator anywhere you want, but especially during hunting, you will get extra support with this.


A little More Features – Great!

This Mammoth 5000 generator can run for up to 6000 hours. On the other hand, in a single cycle, you can set its timer for two hours continuously.

This gadget works at low energy but provides great power which means it is a cost-effective ozone generator and comes with a 1year warranty.

If you are a beginner at hunting, you must go with it. It offers with 3-phase system along with 4 stages of output. Furthermore, it provides us such useful information regarding its remaining battery and shows its output levels. During using it in hyper boost mode such information will be much useful.

It comes with a tree mounting system having a clamp and swives which will help to fix your ozone generator in your desired position.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best for beginners.


  • Too much small.

Wildgame Innovations Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator

“Small Size”

Wildgame Innovations Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator

The Wildgame Innovation Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field is such a best-budgeted ozone generator that you can use easily during your hunting time.

It has become a rumor that cheap things are useless, but it does not work here because this ozone generator is not one of those things.

The great feature of this generator is that it neutralizes the human scent with the help of its Pure Ion Technology. What does Pure Ion Technology do? It neutralizes the flowing impacting ions in order to carry out after the removal of scent particles that need to be emitted.

It’s zero traces proved to neutralize human scent safely. Its ozone will not lead to health issues or any kind of damage to your equipment coming out from this generator.


Features and Specifications

Concerning compact ozone generators, it is worth buying generators. As ozone generators neutralize scents it does their job greatly outdoors.

It comes with another amazing feature that you can place or hide anywhere even in a tree on bushes and into the leaves. And the predator will not come to know about its presence.

Even though it is small, it does its work very well dispersing the molecules to remove unwanted scents around.


A little More Features – Great!

This generator offers such a quiet fan that helps to spread its ion particles in a smooth way, furthermore, it comes with a super rechargeable battery pack through which we charge it.

It provides six hours of battery life with efficient power to serve, and it’s zero trace helps in getting air cover continuously.

It has proved to be much more convenient because of its two rechargeable batteries along with a USB rechargeable port, and this makes it the best ozone generator to work in every situation.


  • Small size.
  • Ion Technology.
  • Super Quite Fan.


  • Required recharge.
  • Much small.

OdorStop OS3500UV

“Washable Filter”

OdorStop OS3500UV Ozone Generator

We have placed this OdorStop OS3500UV ozone generator the last on our list, such a professional ionizer that covers an area of more than 3500 square feet.

This ozone generator is best for eliminating odors from medium to large-scale areas, especially for offices, homes, garages, hostels, and basements.

It deodorizes odors that are spread due to smoke, tobacco, cooking, pets, and much more.

Its sleek design and advanced technology make it the best generator as it comes with aluminum housing but is still lightweight and provides around 12 hours of operational time with a hold option as well.

A hold option of this generator is very beneficial, you can activate it when you are not present around it. But regardless of this feature, you should also not be around in that area where the ozone generator is working.


Features and Specifications

In order to get more purifying power, it comes with a UV option that is ready to use without any assembly required. It comes with such a unique design that this generator allows its best-quality ceramic ozone plates to be neat and clean even without doing it apart from the whole generator.

It comes with a reinforced handle through which you can carry it around easily. Its major concern is to use it during hunting, so you can move it with you for a longer distance without being tired.

Most of the companies just provide fake reviews and fake orders to boast of their sales, even Most of the companies are not even verified around the US and are unable to provide customer support and warranty. But OdorStop is not one of them, it offers great customer service to provide customer satisfaction for its products.


A little More Features – Great!

It does a great job of emitting ozone which is incredible, but now it’s your decision to think about it whether you buy it or not – as it provides a durable machine operating on low energy. It is worth buying a generator.

If we conclude, the OdorStop is such a budgeted or inexpensive ozone generator that is used in an RV as well, moreover, you can use it on the deer stand.

It provides a 360-degree ozone dispersal making it a big competitor to other expensive generators in the market, This 360-degree feature makes it such a cost-effective ozone generator for hunters.


  • Easy maintenance.
  • No need for assembly.
  • Cleanable filters.


  • Not easy to carry.
  • Untraditional design.

Best Ozone Generators for Hunting Buying Guide 2023

Are you going hunting with a full-of-bag pack but missing an ozone generator? You must buy that, without having that you will feel totally bear-handed.

After doing research, we have made a list of top-rated Ozone generators to have a good start for your hunting purposes. Before buying your first Ozone Generator for your hunting, you must keep the following things in mind:


Types Of Ozone Generator:

According to the features and specifications, Ozone generators are categorized into 4 major types which are as follows, and you will come to know how to use such types of generators.


Cold Plasma:

This type of Ozone generator emits ozone with the help of cold plasma by the combination of neon tubes placed in a sealed chamber.

Through cold plasma, it helps to break the oxygen molecules into ozone which then combines to make useful ozone.

As compared to ultraviolet ozone generators they are much cheaper and emit extra more ozone gas. And the same with corona discharge generators, Cold Plasma is best for larger spaces.

The cold plasma ozone generator does not produce much heat, which makes it environmentally friendly and ideal for normal households and apartments.



This type of ozone generator consumes ultraviolet light to break down oxygen molecules in order to have ozone.

Its main flaw is that consumes a lot of power for ozone emission, but its ozone emission is very low.

It will be beneficial for small areas like your rooms and offices if you don’t care about power consumption. On the other hand, if you are looking for an ozone generator for larger spaces then go for another type.



This type of ozone generator uses water treatment to generate ozone. During the phenomenon, it converts water into hydrogen and oxygen along with ozone.

During ozone emission, no dangerous particles are emitted which is its best feature. However, electrolyte generators are not much used mostly because of their slower ozone emission as compared to other ozone generators.


Corona Discharge:

This type of ozone generator produces ozone with the help of electricity that breaks the oxygen molecules for ozone emission.

In order to break oxygen molecules to produce ozone it creates an electric field, which has become the cheapest way to produce ozone on a larger scale.

Corona Discharge ozone generators are most powerful and inexpensive as compared to ultraviolet ozone generators, even though it does not require much time to sterilize the given area.

You will not regret having this corona discharge generator, because it is best to produce ozone for bigger spaces and does not consume much electricity and money compared to ultraviolet generators.



The coverage area must be equal to the size of at least a single room, if the coverage is not good then you will not get the desired results.

To connect with the hunting community, you must have an ozone generator. You must look for an ozone generator by checking its coverage area.


Ozone Emission:

It’s a major concern when you are going to buy an ozone generator. Because it’s a primary function of any ozone generator to emit ozone.

Whatever the type of ozone generator you are using, your hunting sessions always require ozone emission through a generator.

You must get your generator according to your need, size, and runtime. Higher output will have a great impact on a larger scale.



It’s a great feature that comes with every ozone generator, so must go for that generator that can run during your hunting session for a great amount of time.

The ideal timer to run your ozone generator during the hunting period is for up to 2-3 hours in a single cycle. The automatic timer feature helps you a lot because your gadget turns off automatically after its timer is complete and you do not need to go near your generator to turn it off.

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 


Is Ozone Safe for Health?

Same as multiple powerful concoctions or oxidants, ozone also needs to be used as per instructions. Even ozone has been used for more than 120 years and not even a single issue is reported.

In the discussion of multiple cleaning methods, ozone is also discussed because it is a much safer alternative to sterilizing odors during hunting time by using a good number of oxidants.

That’s why in cleaning matters, ozone is much safer and can eliminate bad smells and keep the human scent.


Are Ozone Generators Safe for Hunting?

Ozone generators are much safer when you use them in the correct manner, as they come lightweight and much more portable to carry around anywhere.

Any human presence is not required when it is operational, so make sure it offers a high-intensity flashlight indicator that alerts everyone to not come within its radius. And another spec is it offers a key switch that prevents an unauthorized user.


Can An Ozone Generator Kill Fleas, Termites, and Bed Bugs?

Ozone is proven to be best for the eradication of infestations like bedbugs and fleas. This is the main reason that hunters love to use ozone generators during their hunting seasons. On the other hand, continued use of ozone is not recommended.

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