How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously?

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Nice to see you guys!!! We will discuss here how long can a Generac generator run continuously. As you know that Generac is a company that is famous for its portable and standby generators even for the whole house.

How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously

Its portable generator will start automatically when it senses that your house is out of power, here you will be concerned that how long you will get a power supply. All of it depends on various factors.

In this detailed guide, we will try our best to provide you with enough information or will answer your questions about the Generac generators “How Long Can a Generac generator run continuously?”


How Long Can a Generac Generator Run Continuously?

The main feature of which we must consider Generic generators as our priority for heavy usage is their size. Generac generators are specifically designed in such a way that you can hold more fuel in your generator’s tank in order to run for a longer period. Their generators can run on diesel, natural gas, gasoline, and liquid propane.

A question arises that how long your generator will run, it depends upon the following three factors:

  • Size of the generator.
  • Tank size and fuel type.
  • Timely Maintenance.

Theoretically, the permanent standby generator can run indefinitely period if it runs on natural gas. On the other hand, this type of generator would only stop running in case of a mechanical failure or if a problem occurs with the gas pipeline otherwise it will never stop out of fuel.

A permanent Generac generator can also run-on liquid propane if you don’t have access to natural gas.

Particularly, when you run your permanent generators on liquid propane. It will run last for up to specific intervals of time like 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours, but it also depends on the size of the generator and the load getting out of it.

Furthermore, the largest type of Generac generators can run on diesel fuel. Since they are much large and too expensive, they are particularly used in commercial settings.

Generac portable generators are specifically run-on gasoline fuel and normally run for not much time as compared to permanent generators. Generac portable generators are proven to be run for almost 30 – 40 hours of use consecutively.


Maintenance and Continuous Usage of Generac Generator

As most of the permanent Generac generators theoretically can run indefinite time, it is the answer to the question which has been raised How long can you run a Generac generator continuously? but it also does not mean that you leave the generator working all the time.

It will be a great idea if you give your Generac generator a break after 24 hours of working. Even in the manual of Generac generators, they recommend that you just need to give a break after every 24 hours or maybe give a break before starting for each use.


And before starting it again after continuous use you must need to follow the followings:

  • Must check debris and dirt from inside of the unit.
  • Must check lines for oil leaks and fuel.
  • Then check the oil level.
  • Being a professional, Generac also recommends further maintenance tasks that we should complete.
  • And if you fail to follow the recommended maintenance on time or regularly, it could have a negative impact on the run time for your generator and may also damage it permanently.


When you run your generator for a longer time, be mindful that all the manufacturers like Champion, Yamaha, Pulsar, Ford, and Generac themselves recommend that you must change the engine oil after 200 hours of operation.


Following are the maintenance tasks include:
  • Check for water intrusion after every year.
  • Check the battery condition (if applicable) after every year or after 200 hours of usage.
  • Must replace the engine oil and engine oil filter after every two years or usage of 200 hours.
  • If applicable, must replace engine air filter after usage 400 hours or every four years.
  • Must clean the engine, check gaps, and change the spark plugs after usage of 400 hours or every four years.
  • Make sure to adjust the valve clearance after the usage of 400 hours or every four years.
  • As per the local ordinances, clean the sediment trap.


Different types of generators required different maintenance procedures, as the above is not the complete list of maintenance steps. So, you must check the owner’s manual carefully in order to meet the complete list of what you should need to do.


Run Time and Fuel Type For Generac Generator

Under run-time and fuel type specification, a question arises How Long a Generac generator can run on Propane? As I already mentioned before that if you run your Generac generator on natural gas then it may run for a longer period or a definite period.

When you think about the run time, it all will depend on the fuel your generator will be consuming. And if you do not have a natural gas supply for your generator, it will depend on the size of your propane fuel tank and other variables.

  • The consumption rate of fuel.
  • Tank size of fuel.
  • Average generator load.


When you are going to purchase a Generac portable generator, you must focus on the fuel tank size.

On the other hand, when you are going to buy a permanent backup generator then you can quickly fix a large fuel tank as per your usage or requirement.

You can also have the option to buy fixed or stationary tanks and portable propane tanks that can be placed in your yard and underground.

The following are the common sizes for the tanks:

  • 5-gallon size (20 lb. tank).
  • Using Natural gas, it can make your generator run indefinitely.
  • 8-gallon size (33 lb. tank).
  • 25-gallon size (100 lb. tank).
  • 50-gallon size (200 lb. tank or two 100 lb. each tank).
  • 100-gallon size (420 lb. tank).
  • 500-gallon tank.
  • 1000-gallon tank.

Run Time According to Your Fuel Tank

When you notice that your Generac generator is not lasting as much enough as per your need, it can be the possibility that your propane fuel tank is very much small for your basic need.

If you choose to have a 500-gallon propane tank and hook up with the Generac standby generator. Let me give you an idea that a Generac generator might be only used three gallons of propane fuel per hour at a load of 25%.

Furthermore, at a full 100% load, the same generator will use almost 5 gallons of propane per hour.

When your Generac generator used five gallons per hour, you will need a refill after the usage of almost 100 hours or maybe after four days. Or if you get usage of three gallons per hour then your Generac generator will give you an alarm or you must be warned to refill after a week.

Moreover, when you attach your same Generac generator with the 1000-gallon propane tank then you can multiply with double the run time respectively.

Generac provides multiple sizes and styles of permanent backup generators in order to meet your need. As you get the larger generator, the more power will it produce for you. And the more power your Generac generator can produce the more fuel will it consume respectively.


Generac Run Time Problems and Life Cycle

Under run-time problems and the life cycle of Generac generators discussions normally the question arises How Long will a Generac generator’s engine last? We can use Generac generator engines for about 3000 hours of usage. It means you can run your engine continuously for about 125 full days, in this way your Generac backup generator will survive for 125 full days of use when it starts to touch the point of failure or end of its life.

As per the Generac estimation, when you use your generator for a few days per year, then these 3000 hours will be spread over 25 to 30 years.

The above detail will only be considered positive when you have been maintaining your Generac generator properly. When you feel that your Generac generator is not working properly then it will most likely be due to improper maintenance.

After suffering from a bad experience of improper maintenance you must look into the owner’s manual. And you can also go for Best Maintenance tips from Generac for a useful list.

After giving your 100% to maintenance, if you still see that your generator is giving you issues then it’s time to call a professional and let him have a look into it.

Be mindful that Generac provides self-maintenance kits that will be very useful for your routine maintenance and urgent fixes. And in the last, always keep in your mind that when you skip proper maintenance or ignore that will lead to worse cases then Generac will void your generator warranty right away!


How long will the Generac generator last?

Although, it is totally dependent on the type of your generator. As there is not any clear or proper answer to this question.

It just depends on which generator you are going to have and how will you take care of it.



No doubt that the Generac generator will provide you backup or can run longer than 24 hours in case of power outages when needed. But it will be best to have a proper check on your Generac generator to make it sure running properly.

Generac company recommends to its clients have an appointment with their professional maintenance team for their backup generator after every six months.

And when you take proper care of your Generac generator, it will give you years and years of tension free shield from power outages.

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