Best Generac Generators

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Are you a fan of Generac generators? Yes?  So, You must be looking for the best Generac generators. Generac generators come in different sizes and shapes. Their capacity is different. You need to be very mindful while making a decision.


Sufficient research will be enough, and you can get the best Generac generator to tackle the power crises problems.


Moreover,  there is no need to get a big generator to get rid of outages. A portable generator with adequate wattage can perform the task effectively.


So, it does not matter whether you want a generator for home backup or some outdoor needs, Generac has the best generator that could be used when you need it.


Still, find it difficult?  No worries as we are going to disclose the Top rated 10 best Generac generators review.  Moreover, the features, reviews, and specifications of each Generac generator will be added. You do not have to go anywhere; check out technical details,  pick one,  and get yourself the best Generac generator.


Hold on – do not forget to check out the Top pick generator if you are in a hurry.


Our Top Pick Of Best Generac Generators

Product Qualities
Generac 7117 Affordable, very quiet, and Eco friendly
Generac 5734 Whole house Generator, Quick start
Generac 5735 Durable,  Electric Start
Generac 5802 Electric start, Covered outlets
Generac 6954 Affordable, Lightweight, and efficient

Top 10 Best Generac Generators Reviews

Ready to choose a generator? Go through our 10 best Generac generator reviews and guide to get the perfect unit for uncertain circumstances. Let’s get it started Before any further delay.


Generac 7117 – Best Generac Portable Generator

Generac 7117 is our Best top pick generator with multiple awesome features. The Generac 7117 is a reliable power shortage partner. This lightweight generator provides enough power to perform household tasks. Let’s check out the features and specifications of the Generac generator.


Features & Specifications

Generac 7117 is an orange and black contrast generator with a strong top handle. What we love about Generac is its portability. The generator is quite handy and easy to carry. You can take the generator with you easily. We could say it is perfect for outdoor activities too.


Generac generators support Diesel fuel type. The generator is compact and easy to use. There are no complexities to starting the generator.


The Generac generator provides 2200 starting watts and 1700 running watts.


The most amazing feature of generic is its clean power supply. You can confidently run your sensitive devices on Generac. It won’t harm them.


Want a long-running generator? Good news! Generac has that quality too. You can use this generator for up to 10 hours.  It is a good running time, especially for portable generators.


The tank size is 1.2 gallons. Economy mode helps you reduce fuel consumption. No doubt, this feature saves you extra money.


Generac 7117 is a low-noise generator.  The noise of the Generac generator won’t irritate you.


The low oil sensor gives an oil alert when generator oil reaches a low level.


Although the generator provides 2200 watts which is sufficient in most cases, still, you can increase the power capacity if you need.  Its parallel-ready feature allows you to connect two inverter generators to twice the power.


But you will have to get the parallel kit separately.



  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to start
  • Parallel ready generator
  • Economy mode
  • Low oil shut-off feature



  • Power capacity can be increased


Generac 5735 – Premium Generac Generator

Do you want a Generac generator for your whole house? If yes, we have Generac 5735. You can keep your whole house lit with this Generac model. Forget about power scarcity issues after getting Generac.


Want to know the features of Generac 5735? Keep reading.


Features & Specifications 

Generac  5735 is the most powerful generator we have reviewed so far.


Perfect for running heavy appliances and high-wattage devices. Generac 5735 can easily tackle outages and will give you relief.


This influential Generac generator produces 17500 running watts and 26250 starting watts.  


It is a Gas-powered generator with an electric start feature. Get the Generac and start it in no time.


It has an efficient 992cc OHVI engine to run powerful machines. An Hour meter is also included in this unit. You could check the running time of the generator.


It has idle control technology to reduce noise. Stay away from the buzzing noise of the generators and keep your neighbors safe from the terrible generator noise.


As it is a big and high-wattage generator, it has good running time and a large fuel tank.


A 16-gallon fuel tank can run the Generac for up to 10 hours at 50% load.


Protect your generator with a low oil shut-off feature.


Generac comes with strong tires and handles for making transportation easy.


The weight is 390 pounds which are considered a bit heavyweight, but it has been designed as a portable generator for smooth lift.



  • 10 hours running time
  • Electric start feature
  • Good power capacity
  • Best for the whole house
  • Durable generator



  • Expensive and bulky generator


Generac 5734 – Best Reliable Generac Generator

Generac generators are usually reliable and offer the best features. In our list of best Generac generators, Generac 5734 comes third. This portable generator can be an excellent choice during blackouts.


Features & Specifications

Generac 5734 is another metal-design generator that provides a good power supply.


It is an electric start generator. So, you can run it quickly without any hassle.


Generac supports a 992cc OHVI engine. Full-pressure lubrication with an automatic-style spin oil filter increases the lifespan of the engine.


Hour meter helps you check the running hour and low oil shut-off gives you an insufficient oil alert.


Generac has a low noise technology which lessens the noise level of a generator while operating.


This generator is fuel efficient and provides prolonged running time.


Stay powered for more than 10 hours at half-load during outages.


The 16-gallon tank size is efficient for a high-wattage generator.


The Generac 5734 portable generator comes with never-flat wheels and built-in handles.  Take the generator where you need it badly.


Generac 22500 watt generator is an ideal choice for commercial and worksites needs.



  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Long-running time and large fuel tank
  • Easy to start
  • Heavy generator



  • Heavy generator


Generac 5802 – Best Gas-Powered Generac Generator

This is a premium Generac model loaded with cool features. No other generator in the market can offer such features which Generac is offering at a nominal price.


A user-friendly design and heavy-duty generator are something you are looking for. Let’s check out the specifications in detail.


Features and specifications

Generac has a versatile design that is perfect for RV, home, and outdoor use.


This Generac is equipped with an OHVI engine.  The engine is specially designed for the generator. The Generac engine has a longer life than any other generator available in the market.


This awesome generator comes with an LED-illuminated panel. The panel has a start and stop, low oil shut off, choke control, and power bar watt meter.


Generac has a plugin battery charger that will keep your battery charged. A maintenance kit will also be included in the box.


Covered outlets give you extra protection and prevent your outlets from being damaged.  A Low oil feature safeguards your generator engine.


The hour meter tracks usage and the power bar monitors power usage.


Generac has full-wrap heavy-duty frame tubing for better reliability.


Generac generator has powerful never-flat wheels and handles for transportation.


As it is not CARB compliant, it can’t be sold in California.



  • Covered outlets
  • Electric start
  • Sufficient power capacity



  • Not CARB compliant


Generac 6954 – Best Durable Generac Generator

Generac 6954 8000-watt generator is an attractive generator with plenty of features. This Generac generator provides flawless energy and it’s a recommended generator in case of energy crises.


Features & Specifications

Generac is a gas-powered generator with only 197 pounds weight. It is a heavy-duty generator that is suitable to use on construction sites.


If you face a lot of power shortage issues, this generator can be used as a power backup too. you can run AC, Refrigerator, and other high-amperage devices.


It is powered by an OHV 420 cc engine with splash lubrication that enhances the life of the engine.


It has sturdy wheels and fold-down locking handles for extra portability. The generic generator is easy to move and easy to start.


Electric start options save you to start the generator manually. No need to pull the rope and make yourself exhausted while starting a generator. This work can be done with a single click. Isn’t it an interesting feature?


Generac has (4) 120-Volt 5-20R outlets and (1) 20/240-Volt L14-30R twist-lock outlets.


This model comes with a 7.5 gal fuel tank and 12 hours of long running time. With Generac, you can say goodbye to the darkness and keep yourself warm during the chilly season.


2 years of warranty backing you deal with any faults and defects while operating the generator. No need to worry; use Generac freely.



  • 12-hour running time
  • Less expensive
  • Portable and handy



  • Loud


Generac 6866 – Best Generac Inverter Generator

We have another best Generac generator on our list. This generator is perfect for those who are fond of short and tiny models. If you do not like bulky generators that are hard to carry, choose Generac 6866.


Features & Specifications

The black and orange contrast handy Generac generator is super quiet.


Generac provides 1600 running and 2000 starting watts and 120V AC rated voltage.


It is easy to start and easy to stop. Get the generator started in a minute.


The power bar feature helps you check the used power. You can check the remaining fuel on the electronic fuel gauge display.


The run-time display shows the remaining running time. Fuel capacity is 1.06 gallons and run time is 5.7 – 7.7 hours at 50% – 25% load.


The Generac model has an economy mode to save fuel. The latest technology reduces noise levels.


It provides 1600-watt power,  but you could twice the power if you want. It is a parallel-ready generator. You’ll have to connect the 2 units to twice the power.


This handy generator has a strong handle on the top which makes it easy to carry



  • Small
  • Quiet
  • Gas-efficient



  • Not reliable generator
  • Low power capacity


Generac 5939 – Highly Efficient Generac Generator

Looking for something reliable and efficient? Check out Generac 5939. It’s an efficient model generator with good performance.  We love the Generac 5939 because of its terrific features. Let’s see these amazing specifications.


Features & Specifications

Generac 5939 is a gas-powered generator that provides 5500 running watts and 6875 starting watts.


Generac supports a 389cc OHV engine.  It delivers constant power and has a long-lasting engine.


Not only this, but Like all Generac generators, this model also has an hour meter to check the running hour of a generator.


Low oil shut-off safeguards the generator engine. The large fuel tank of 7.2 gallons provides more than 10 hours of running time.


Stay connected as Generac offer much more than this. Its fold-down handles and never-flat wheels help you to take the generator wherever you need the power.


Generac is an excellent companion if you are out of electricity. It provides the power when you need it. Generac will make your camping journey more exciting and thrilling.


Replace your old generator with Generac and enjoy a clean and constant power supply.


As the generator is not Carb compliant, it can’t be delivered to California.



  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Good performing
  • Portable



  • Power capacity can be increased


Generac 7127 – Small Generac Generator

Generac 7127 is a small and elegant design portable generator. It is a gas-powered generator that fulfills customers’ expectations.


Features and specifications 

This light model is 40% quieter than the traditional generator in the market.


It gives your ear a sort of relief. Its advanced technology performs tasks calmly and quietly.


This mini generator is ideal for work, home backupcamping, boating, and DIY projects.


It is an inverter generator that supplies clean power which won’t harm your devices.


The portable and handy Generac generator can be taken anywhere. There is no problem while moving the generator. It delivers power and performs its job wherever you need it.


On the Generac digital small LCD, you can check the wattage, runtime, fuel level, and generator status.


Generac assists you quickly start the generator with the advanced electric start features. The Generac 7127 is equipped with the latest features and multiple outlets that benefit you to power different devices at a time.


This model is 50 state-approved and CARB-compliant.



  • Ultra quiet
  • Portable
  • Idle for work
  • Inverter generator
  • Built-in USB ports



  • No fuel gauge and expensive model


Generac 7676 – Advanced Technology Best Generac Generator

Generac is a well-known generator-making brand with years of experience in the industry. We trust Generac as it produces the best generator for home and work. Generac 7676 is the second last generator on our list of the best Generac generators.


Generac offers a lot of benefits to its user. Let’s check out the review that why you should go with this model.


Features & Specifications

Generac power rush advanced technology gives 30% more starting power. It allows you to do more with the Generac.


Generac produces 10000 starting and 8000 running watts. It is the most reliable option during power cuts. Generac provides enough power that can keep most of your appliances running for a long time. In short, it is a perfect generator for the whole house.


This model has built-in electric start technology. You must be tired of such generators that required a lot of time to start. If you have such an old-fashioned, you’ll be stuck and won’t be able to start the generator in times of crisis. Because we need quick start generator during a power cut.


Generac offers a smooth start option; trust the Generac and sit comfortably.


Generac has an OHV engine and a long life span. Moreover, a large fuel tank gives 11 hours of running time at 50% load.



  • Quick start
  • Long-running time
  • OHV engine
  • Portable



  • Little loud


Generac 7677 – Long running Best Generac Generator

Generac 7677 is a compact design lightweight generator. This is the last generator on our list,  and it is an affordable option to consider.


Features & Specifications

Generac 7677 is a unique model generator that can be used to tackle power scarcity issues. Use it for home and at work,  it provides the electricity you need in a time of need.


This advanced power rush technology delivers 40% more starting power.


Generac OHV engine has a long lifetime.


It comes with a large fuel tank and an incorporated fuel gauge for durability.


Low oil sensor gives protection from engine damage. This compact model Generac generator requires minimum space.


Run the Generac for up to 10.5 hours at 50% load. 1 ¼” steel-tube cradle gives extra durability and strength.


Take the generator anywhere with the help of fold-down handles and strong wheels.


Get the Generac and have the power to live and work. Forget about dark and chilly days, make the environment lit and warm with Generac.



  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • 3600-watt generator
  • Provides 40% more starting power



  • Loud


Best Generac Generators Buying Guide

We know how difficult it could be to pick one generator when so many different models can confuse you. Plenty of options might affect your decision. But we do not want you to end up picking the non-efficient generator. Therefore, we spent time and chose the top-rated 10 best Generac generators. Above mentioned generators are perfect and good for home, work, and outdoor use. For additional guidance regarding generators, you can have a look at our best Generac generators buying guide.


Understand Your Power Needs

First of all, understand your needs. You need to know why you want a generator and where you are going to use it. Do you need a generator for your home or work?


After understanding the use of the generator,  you would be able to make a good decision.


For example, if you need a generator for a house, always go with high wattage generator. Choose a fuel-efficient and long-running generator.


But for camping and other outdoor activities, low wattage generator can work fine. Just make sure of one thing which is portability. You can’t carry a bulky generator with you when you are outside. Prefer a small generator with sufficient power capacity.



We advise you to go with a portable generator. No matter whether you need it for home or work. Definitely,  you do not want a truck to carry your generator when you are moving somewhere. Therefore, a portable generator that has never flat tires and has foldable handles is a good choice.


Check your power needs and get the portable generator mentioned on our list of best Generac generators.


Noise level

We all love a calm and peaceful environment. The buzzing noise of the generator can disturb you.  Most probably the people around you hate high-noise generators. The noise level of a generator is something that must take into consideration. We have mentioned a few low-noise generators on our list. You can check those generators out. Besides this, prefer an inverter technology generator as they operate calmly.


Power Capacity

Power requirements are something that can vary from person to person. We can’t say that a specific power generator would be suitable for you as everyone’s power needs are different.


For example, if you want a generator for commercial use,  go with an above 10000-wattage generator. For camping and another purpose, 2000 wattage generator will work best. However,  to run a whole house,  select at least 5000 wattage generator.


For a better understanding of power needs, you can calculate your power requirements as online power calculation calculators are available.



If you hate reading product descriptions of different brands and want detailed features of Generac generators, I would say this guide is for you.

It provides in-depth research on Generac generators. Features and specifications will guide you on whether you should go with this model or not.

Pros and cons of each Generac generator give additional knowledge about the product. Hopefully, you have read the whole generator review along with the buying tips at the end.

We are pretty sure that you are confident now and can select one to tackle energy crises. It’s time to say farewell to darkness and illuminate your house!

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