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If you want to have your vacations pleasant and adventurous during camping and boondocking, then you must go with the right type of portable generator. You would not like to lose all the amenities in your travel just because of the absence of a power supply. There are a lot of brands in the market that are providing their best portable generators to meet the user’s needs, and Pulsar is also one of them.

And after getting the name of Pulsar, we would go for where pulsar generators are made.




Pulsar generators are manufactured in Ontario, California but made in California. If you belong to the community of camping and boondocking then the best type of generator must be your first choice. And when you are going to buy a generator, Pulsar must be at the top of the list.


Pulsar Generator

Pulsar always takes the lead among the multiple brands of generators in the market like WEN, Generac, HONDAYamaha, mostly American-made generators, and so on. This is such a reliable company whose main principle is to offer such portable generators that would be handy for regular campers and people who love to go outdoors. They do not only manufacture generators but also air conditioners and much more items.

There is not any doubt that inverter generators and on the other hand conventional ones are always top of the best choices – specifically produced by Pulsar. The important feature that is responsible for its mind-blowing popularity is the presence of single and dual-fuel generators. You cannot only take them on your RVs, but they can meet your home energy needs as well.


Features That Make the Pulsar Generators a Best Choice

There are a lot of amazing features that are responsible for the popularity and familiarity of Pulsar Generators worldwide. Most of the features are its design, fuel capacity, power range, portability, and many more.

Following are the detailed features of Pulsar Generators.


Fuel Technology:

To fill a fuel tank, you must stop point by point which becomes a much worse experience all the time. But by having the Pulsar brand, you do not need to worry as they offer a great feature of dual fuel technology. Furthermore, you can add a dual fuel kit afterward as well.


Low Noise:

During your vacations when you are camping, you would not like to bear the very loud noise from your generators. Just focusing on this problem Pulsar has increased its sales by introducing low-noise generators. The more super the model is, the louder you get. But in the case of Pulsar generators, users are much more satisfied with less noise production generators.


Portable Design:

Every time when people talk about RV generators, they always demand a generator that comes with a portable design. That’s why Pulsar always focuses on user needs and offers compact-sized generators. Furthermore, Pulsar offers an ergonomic handle to grip that makes users easy to carry it around themselves.


Easy to Operate:

Specifically for beginners, operating a generator can be a tough task. But going with the Pulsar you will have the best choice to overcome that challenging task because it comes with a very easy and straightforward control panel to operate.

Buyer’s Guide for Buying the Best Pulsar Generators

Are you looking for a generator, in my opinion, you do not need to buy any generator without knowing about its features and specifications otherwise it would be nonsense. Because there are a lot of factors you need to note before buying any portable generator. A few of the factors are the type of conventional or inverter, fuel capacity, power output, operational time, and most important the type of electricity it will provide.

You should not compromise on the quality of your generator or along with the quantity of power generated by the generator. Just because of getting all these factors kept in mind, you would have a look at your requirements before going to buy a generator.

The followings are the most important points you should consider.


Conventional Or Inverter Option:

There are two types of generators available in the market i.e., conventional and the other type inverter one. But because of the great power generation abilities, the inverter generator is the best option. The inverter would be the best machine for you if you prefer clean electricity over high power outputs. On the other hand, if you prefer high power generation over clean electricity then the conventional type will be the best option for you.


Power Output:

Especially when you are in your RV, you do not need much amount of power to run your appliances. That’s why the most important factor to check in a portable generator is the power output. In order to know your power needs, first, make a list of the appliances that you have, and then after that mention, the total power needed. After finding out the required power buy a generator that fits your measured power need. In our opinion, you must go for a generator that offers a power output of 1800 watts.


Running Time Duration:

You always want a generator that provides efficient runtime, and you do not want to refill the fuel tank again and again. So, buy such one which runs longer in a single fuel tank. All the generators provide different runtimes having load or without load.


Benefits of Using Pulsar Generators – Proven

You can never neglect the benefits of having an inverter generator in your house. What an inverter generator can do does not match with the conventional generator. But Pulsar offers a complete package that the user demands.

The followings are the benefits provided by Pulsar Generators.


Lowest Noise:

As the noise of the conventional generators is unbearable, even you will suffer from headaches. But after having Pulsar generators over other brands, you will get the benefit of quiet running. It works best in generating power and does not harm the environment.


Transport Easily:

You will enjoy the portability of Pulsar generators. Pulsar provides a compact design so you can move it around anywhere you want. So, you do not need to worry about transport issues when you plan for a road trip. As wheels and handles also come with Pulsar generators that make it easy for carrying around.


Provides Clean Energy:

A lot of electrical appliances are damaged when they run on generators because most of the generators do not provide stable and clean energy. But the electricity you get through the Pulsar generator is relatively stable. When you get clean power, you get yourself saved from a huge loss.


Can be Used With other Power Sources:

In case of need for an extra power source, you can connect your Pulsar generator to other power sources. As it offers a parallel combination that means you can utilize a similar combination kit to generate a power of about 2000 – 4000 watts. Furthermore, you may convert it to further inverter generators.


Top Choices of Pulsar Portable Generators – Best Top Rated

There are a lot of types of generators offered by Pulsar. But we have made a top list of best choices for you which are as follows:


Pulsar PG1202s

It can ruin your RV trip when you carry a heavy generator with you, but Pulsar PG1202s have solved this problem by providing efficient power, the best running time, 2-strokes, and many great features. Through this, it has become at the top of the list.


Salient Features:

  • It provides you with a power output of about 12DC.
  • Offers a power generator of about 1200 watts.
  • Comes with a 2-stroke engine system.



  • Lightweight of about 35lbs.
  • Inexpensive.
  • The fuel tank is about 1.1 gallons.


  • Quality compromised.


Pulsar PD2300iS

You always need a generator that produces energy by following sine waves at such a reasonable price and that will grasp your attention. Pulsar is offering the most reliable choice which meets your power needs i.e., Pulsar PD2300iS. It offers much low noise production but higher power generation.


Salient Features:

  • Generates power of about 1800 watts.
  • Offers a fuel tank of about 1.18 gallons.
  • Offers an engine with economy mode.



  • Offers parallel compatibility.
  • Comes with two DC power receptacles.
  • Comes with an automatic voltage regulator.


  • Does not offer RV ready port.


Pulsar PG4000iSR

Portable generators are particularly made to meet all your basic energy needs. A generator that does not only meet your RV needs but also can be able to power up your household items. Here is another product of Pulsar is Pulsar PG4000iSR which offers all those features which are mostly in demand.


Salient Features:

  • Generates power of about 4000 watts.
  • Comes with a fuel capacity of about 3.5 gallons.
  • Noise level about 63 Db.



  • Provides runtime for up to 15 hours.
  • Offers multiple power outlets.
  • Comes with wheels for easy transport.


  • Much heavy.


FAQs about Pulsar Generators


Is Pulsar the best brand for generators?

When we talk about the low-price range and efficient power generation, Pulsar now stands on the top level of the list of best portable generator brands. Having an amazing price, you will have fantastic features like high power generation, a strong engine, longer run time, and low noise. This will be your worth investment and will not be your wrong decision. It would be your reliable choice not only for your house but also for travel needs.


Who made Pulsar Generators?

The major concern about the popularity of Pulsar generators is the presence of high-end energy-producing engines. As far as the concern of who made Pulsar generators, Ducar manufactures Pulsar engines. There are many compatible machines available in these pulsar generators that are proven to be the best choices. Ducar offers 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines for Pulsar generators which make it an extraordinary brand among other inverter generators.


Which is the Best Model of Pulsar Generators?

All the models made by Pulsar are no doubt top-notch. When you talk about reliability, you will see the Pulsar brand at the highest place. But if we talk about the further best model, the Pulsar PD 10000B 16 is the leading model among all pulsar generator models. It offers with dual fuel option which is a great feature for your energy needs. Furthermore, you can run this gadget on propane or gasoline than petrol.


Are Pulsar Generators Made in China?

As we discussed before, All the Pulsar generators are manufactured in Ontario. Pulsar generators are licensed from the Ford trademark and most of the products offered by Pulsar are generated in Asia. This company produces such generators which always perform best by producing portable generators along with other electrical equipment. Most of the models are similar to Honda company in terms of energy efficiency.


What is the Lifespan of a Pulsar Generator?

Pulsar does not make only energy-efficient generators but also offers such quality that comes with never-ending durability. Many of the Pulsar generators offer a good warranty and last for up to 20-40 years. In this way, you will not need to take the stress of changing a generator from time to time. But the life of a Pulsar generator depends on the total of how you use and maintain that.


Can You Run Your Pulsar Generator for 24 Hours?

Now Pulsar is manufacturing such models that you can run for longer periods of intervals. It can be utilized for up to about 24 hours, but its old models could run for up to only 8-12 hours a day. But now, you can have its new models that you can run for the whole day even without wasting fuel.


Are Pulsar Generators Fuel Efficient?

The main reason for Pulsar generators increasing their demand is their fuel efficiency. Users are attracted to the fuel compatibility of Pulsar generators. You can save your money because of its user-friendly engine in pulsar generators. Pulsar generators offer a parallel capable unit to produce more power.


Final Words

As a matter of fact, generators have become the most typical need of people in their hour of need and are increasing day by day. If you want such a compatible and compact design generator, then the Pulsar brand should be your top priority.

We present you our best research in a proper way, it’s worth reading it.

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