How To Keep Generator Battery Charged

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In case of a power outage, like what most people do. You are dependent totally on your generator, it is fine like others. But what will you do when you found your generator battery is dead? You no need to worry here, it’s much easy to charge your generator battery. but the question arises how to keep the generator battery charged?

Follow the below steps and you will be up and operational in no time.


How to Keep the Generator Battery Charged?

How To Keep Generator Battery Charged

The optimum way to keep your generator battery charged is by having a generator battery charger. These charging devices are particularly designed to keep your generator battery charged and it runs very safely and quickly.

In this article, we will explore how can we keep our generator battery charged.


Steps to keep your generator battery charged

You need to follow the following steps in order to charge your generator battery.

  • Step 1- Connect the battery tightly to a generator.
  • Step 2- Put the plug in the wall charger into the wall outlet.
  • Step 3- Now, insert the other end of the charger into the generator’s charging port.
  • Step 4- Be mindful that you must have utility power to charge the unit.
  • Step 5- In every three months, must charge your battery for up to 24 hours.
  • Step 6- Avoid overcharging the battery.
  • Step 7- If your generator comes up with a 12-volt DC battery charging receptacle, then in the running state of your generator you can also recharge another automotive-style battery.


Can A Generator Charge Its Own Battery?

At least once in your life, you have probably asked this question yourself, can a generator charge its own battery? the answer to this question came out with a little complication.

For Honda generators, the answer is yes but only when they are in a running state. And when you start the engine, it discharges the battery a little. So must run the generator for quite some time in order to replace the charge which is used to start the engine.

Furthermore, straight NO. A generator cannot charge its battery on its own. To get your generator battery charged, you must have to connect your generator to an external power source like main outlets and solar panels.

Simply, a generator cannot charge its battery at the full level on its own but can recharge to some extent. In order to fulfill your need or recharge the battery fully, you just need to connect your generator to an external power source.

Moreover, you can charge your battery just with Honda generators when they are in a running state.

Although, your generator battery will only get charged when a generator is running for a longer period. During starting the engine it discharges the battery a little, so it must run for a little time in order to replace the charge used to start your engine.


How Much Time Does It Take to Charge a Generator Battery?

In order to charge a battery very quickly is not ideal because of the generator’s low voltage. It might be taken 24 hours to charge a 100 amp-hour lead-acid or AGM battery. on the other hand, you can reduce this charging time with the help of using a high-voltage charger.

As a generator generates irregulated 13.6 volts which is very low to full and fast battery charging. In six hours, your battery can be half charged for a 100 amp-hour lead acid or AGM battery. and then the charging speed will get reduced. so it will take another 24 hours to charge the remaining 70% battery.


Can I use a Battery Charger on A Generator?

Your generator is your best companion in case of an outage when you need to power your home and office. But in case of the battery runs out what do we do? In this situation you cannot simply plug it into the wall socket to recharge it, it is not how it works.


Here, a question comes, Can I Use a Battery Charger on a Generator?

Shortly, yes, we can use a battery charger on a generator. But before doing it, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, there are different chargers for different batteries on the market. As all chargers are not made equally. Few of them are used for charging car batteries, others are specifically made for charging cycle batteries. Be sure while using a charger that must be compatible with the battery you are going to charge.

Secondly, before using a charger make sure that it can handle the voltage and amperage output of your generator. As many generators work between 120 and 240 volts, the charger you are going to use must be able to handle that voltage.

Thirdly, during charging your battery pay special attention to it. Few of the chargers take eight or more than eight hours to full your battery. but after fully charged, if your generator runs for a few hours then you will need to choose a charger that will recharge your battery in a shorter period.

In the last, you must have access to an AC power outlet for battery chargers. Suppose your generator does not have one then you must have to use an adapter.

By following the above top tips, you can get your generator battery charged which will be useful in case of an emergency or power outage.

Briefly, if you want to get your battery charged using your generator. You need to plug the best quality charger into the AC outlet of your generator and then connect with the help of 12V charging cables to the negative and positive terminals of the battery.


How Can You Charge a Power Generator?

It’s such a simple process to charge a power generator in just a few minutes. Plug the battery charger into the 110–120-volt AC outlet on your generator. Now turn ON the battery charger. Then generator and battery charger must begin to charge the battery. and when the battery is fully charged then unplug the charger from the outlet and turn your generator OFF.

Briefly, first, plug the battery charger into the outlet of your generator in order to charge a battery through the generator. Then turn ON the battery charger, after that, your generator and battery charger must then start to charge the battery.


How Can I Choose a Generator Battery Charger?

Everyone asks this question how I can choose a generator battery charger? Firstly, you should know which type of charger you need.

Following are the two main types of battery chargers:

  • Automatic Chargers – this type of charger is the most convenient but yes also expensive. Automatic generator battery chargers do automatically charge your batteries when it senses they need to be. By having this type, you do not need to worry about low battery.
  • Manual Chargers – These types of chargers are the most basic, in case of need you have to charge your batteries manually.

When you are done with the type of your charger, the next step is to consider the capacity, which means the amount of power that a charger can deliver to the battery.

Finally, you focus on price as per your budget. As chargers come within the range of very cheap rate to a quite expensive one.

We did our best to explore you to have much knowledge about the different types of generator battery chargers and how you can choose the best one. In case of further queries, feel free to contact us.


What Can Be the Cause of a Generator Battery Dead?

There are multiple factors that can be the cause of your generator battery die. The main possibility is not charging your battery correctly. And the other one is that battery was not being used properly. And in the last, it can also be the possibility that your battery is quite old and needed to be replaced.

Whenever you see trouble with your generator battery, in order to find the root cause, you must troubleshoot the problem. And when you come to know the cause, you will take steps to fix the problem and refrain from reoccurring again in the future.


What are the Benefits of Using a Generator Battery?

The generator battery is the best way to provide you with home and office power in the case of a power outage. Suppose that you are living in such an area where most of the time you suffer from a power outage, then this must be a very wise investment.


Following are a few of the benefits of using a generator battery:

Backup power: it ensures that you are going with reliable backup power in case of an emergency. When your power goes out, your generator battery will work as a backup and power your lights and further home appliances.

Peace of Mind: having a generator battery provides you peace of mind. Because when there is an outage, you already know that you have an alternate solution which is your reliable source of power backup.

Easy to Use: it’s as easy as your flashlight battery, if you know how to use that then you can easily use a generator battery as well. You not need to have such kind of expertise in order to use it.

Quite Affordable: As compared to the cost of your generator, the generator battery is quite inexpensive and affordable. A generator battery will be a good option if you want your office or home to get power in a case of power outage from your utility company.

Its Convenience: the generator battery is much more convenient to provide power to our home and office in the event of a power outage. If you are having a generator battery, then you do not need to worry about setting your generator in a safe place or also a separate place to store gasoline.

Briefly, if you really want to power your home or office in a convenient, affordable, and reliable way in the event of a power outage, having a generator battery will be a great option.


How Can We Charge a Generator Battery?

You can charge your generator battery with the help of an alternator, that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. That alternator gets power from the belt which is connected to the generator engine. When the engine runs, the belt turns the alternator which as a result battery charged.


What are the Best Ways to Charge a Generator Battery?

If you are in search of getting the best multiple ways to charge your generator battery, then you have dived into the best place. As there are multiple ways to charge your generator battery, but each method depends on that which type of battery you are going to use.

Best way to charge the lead-acid battery: The best way to charge your lead-acid battery is with the help of a trickle charger. This sort of charger is not much fast but with the passage of time, it will charge slowly. But it is the best safe way to charge your lead-acid battery.

Best way to charge a sealed lead-acid battery: in order to charge your sealed lead-acid battery you can simply use a standard charger to charge it. But be careful not to overcharge as it can damage your battery.

Best way to charge a Gel cell battery: it can also get charged with the standard charger and the same safety measures to avoid it overcharging.

Furthermore, the best and safe way to charge any sort of battery is to just follow the owner’s instructions. It will inform you about how to charge your battery properly without any damage.


How Will A Generator Charge its Battery?

If you are curious about the answer to how a generator will charge its battery, then its answer is not much difficult. A generator comes with an alternator that generates electricity, and this is used to charge the battery. An alternator gets power from the engine. If the engine is running, the battery will also be getting charged. On the other hand, when the engine is stopped, your battery will gradually run out of power and will again need to be recharged.


How to Charge a Champion Generator Battery?

You can only charge your champion generator battery when it’s running. You do not need to wonder about how to charge your champion generator battery, as it will be ready when you need that.


Following are a few tips on how to charge a champion generator battery:

  • Before using your generator, make sure that your battery is already fully charged. It ensures that your generator will run and start in a proper way.
  • first, use your charger if your battery is not charged. During using your charger, must follow the owner’s instructions.
  • After getting your battery fully charged, you can use your generator but before using it, must read the manufacturer’s manual on how you can operate your generator.

Just follow the above tips, then you will be able to charge your generator battery.


How can you keep the generator Battery Charged?

While having a generator, you know how much important is to keep your generator battery charged. In case of a power outage, your generator can be your life savior. On the other hand, when you found its battery is dead then it would not do anything for you.

Following are a few tips that you must follow to keep your generator battery charged.

Regular Check your battery: you must check your generator battery at least once a month. If you see any sign of damage, then replace it.

Clean Your Battery: be mindful that a dirty battery cannot hold a charge as compared to a clean one. Always make sure to clean your battery terminals and the area around them and keep it free of debris.

Regular Charging: it will be a good habit to charge your battery regularly, even if you don’t use your generator on a daily basis. It ensures that it will be charged when you need it.

Store in a proper way: in order to have a longer and more reliable period. You must store your generator battery in a cool and dry place.

By following the above precautionary measures or tips, you can always find your generator battery charged in an hour of need.


How to Charge Your Generac Generator Battery?

By having a Generac generator, you will be much more curious about how to charge your generator battery.

Following are a few of the tips to allow you to keep your Generac generator battery charged and use it any time:

  • Purchase a quality charger: when you buy the best charger it means that your generator battery will properly be charged, and it will help to extend your battery life.
  • Always follow the owner’s instructions: always read the instructions carefully that you receive while purchasing your charger and must follow them.
  • Charge Regularly: you must have to keep your battery charged if you don’t even think to use your generator. In case of emergency, the fully charged battery will be helpful for you and will be ready to use and will last longer.
  • Always try to store your battery in a cool and dry place. Even if you are not using it. As it will help to extend your battery’s life.

When you follow the above tips, your Generac generator battery will always be charged and will be helpful when you need it.



Let us consider you have a Generac portable generator with an electric start feature. In case you need to charge a battery. Firstly, be mindful that your generator is not in a working state, after that find the battery and then locate the positive and negative terminals. When you found terminals then you must attach the positive terminal of your battery charger to the positive terminal of the generator battery, then the same with the negative terminals. After doing the whole process, turn on the battery charger and it will charge the generator battery.


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